Back to the City video interview: Graveyard Club set the ghosts free

Graveyard Club

Graveyard Club Photo courtesy of the artist

Graveyard Club’s new single is haunted.

That which haunts it is the word “Ouija,” which remains its title despite the exorcism of that lyric from the chorus. Quite why it had to be busted is the first (and least alarming) of many revelations in this especially spooky Halloween episode of Back to the City.

At once the tale of a tortured soul that time won’t hold and an ode to our all-too-human hankering after something supernatural, “Ouija” is just the sort of song to break us or the spirits from their shackles -- as shall be seen when the clock tolls twelve on Saturday night, when the band will celebrate their single’s release at a “Halloween Bash” at Icehouse, sharing the bill with Dem Atlas.

Watch out for the addition of a full Graveyard Club retrospective to this video playlist on the day of the show.

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