Back to the City podcast: Sims premieres new song, "Time Don’t Fear Me Back”


His name is Sims, but in his songs he's invited us to call him everything from David Lynch to Descartes -- as well as Huck Finn, Franz Kafka, and, most notably, Icarus.

Over a bottle of wine at Under the Catalpas, the basement studio where he recorded his latest album, More Than Ever, Sims keeps it 100 for 100 minutes, talking about the relevance of that Greek myth to his work, with references to “The Hollow Men,” Hamlet, The Walking Dead and Lost along the way.

Sims also discusses how More Than Ever arose from tragedy and trauma, as well as the difference between its studio beats (from Icetep, Paper Tiger, and Lazerbeak) and its "live remix" with bandmates MAKR and Ander Other.

And don't miss your first chance to hear "Time Don’t Fear Me Back,” a track premiered in this interview, and hear about Sims’ current "top secret" projects, including a new album with Air Credits.

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