Back to the City podcast: Hollow Boys reemerge as Another Heaven

Another Heaven

Another Heaven Provided

This second City Pages episode of Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation finds host Simon Calder speaking with Ali Jaafar, the former leader of local "gloom-pop" favorites Hollow Boys. Together, they debut and discuss "Sugar" and "Operator" -- the first two songs from Jaafar's new group, Another Heaven.

Jaafar also dips back into Hollow Boys history, and discusses recording exciting Twin Cities bands (Falling, Strange Relations, Lunch Duchess, Swimsuit Area) at his Ecstattic Studios. Check out the Jeremy Ylvisaker-created video for "Sugar" below, and enjoy the conversation! 


Editor's note: City Pages is proud to be hosting writer Simon Calder's Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation podcast on a bi-weekly basis. The podcast is recorded and edited independently, and the views expressed by Calder and his guests are their own.