Back to the City podcast: Andrew Broder and Dosh talk about advocacy through music

Andrew Broder and Martin Dosh

Andrew Broder and Martin Dosh Simon Calder

To mark two high-profile residencies -- the second House of Dosh III event (Tue., Icehouse) and the final Andrew Broder & People installment (Wed., Turf Club) -- Back to the City is proud to present special guests Andrew Broder (Fog, Cloak Ox) and Martin Dosh (Andrew Bird, Cloak Ox). The Twin Cities music greats talk about collaborations, experimentation, and making a difference through music. 

Editor's note: City Pages is proud to be hosting writer Simon Calder's Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation podcast on a bi-weekly basis. The podcast is recorded and edited independently, and the views expressed by Calder and his guests are their own.