Bachmann hires Falwell church leader, 'bro in the know' to play Iowa Straw Poll

The Who? for a conservative generation

The Who? for a conservative generation

Michelle Bachmann announced the names of three musicians who will play for Team Bachmann at the Iowa Straw Poll August 13.

Country music singers Richie McDonald and Tim Rushlow, who's recorded with Jeff Foxworthy and describes himself as a "bro in the know" on Twitter, will join Christian rock musician Charles Billingsley in Aimes.

All three musicians have made names for themselves on the country and Christian music scenes -- but they all come with serious conservative credentials for Republican primary voters to latch onto.


Billingsley, for instance, is the worship leader at Jerry Falwell's son's church in Virginia.

McDonald's got a song, "I'm Already There," that's become "an unofficial anthem for US troops serving in the Middle East," at least according to the Bachmann campaign.

And Rushlow just released his first Christian pop single with an album coming in the fall.

Check out some of their music clips below and let us know if you think they were selected for their musical talent or other reasons in the comments:

Here's Richie McDonald:

Here's Tim Rushlow:

Here's Billingsley:


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