Baby Guts featured in UK's Guardian

Baby Guts featured in UK's Guardian

Infant courage in action.

After years of tireless activity in our local community, our matte-finish, bloodfaced domestics Baby Guts have nabbed some crucial print real estate across the pond.

Last Friday, UK's esteemed Guardian newspaper ran a brief but impressive profile on the local three piece. Speaking to Keith Moran, proprietor of Guilt Ridden Pop (Baby Guts' label), the Guardian write-up offers a compact but pretty spot-on preview of the local favorites.

Baby Guts live at Memory Lanes in 2007.

As they say, America and England are two nations separated by a common language (or, as Eddie Izzard put it, by the Atlantic Ocean), and Michael Hann misfires on a couple comparisons (Vivian Girls? Baby Guts have a few more cylinders under the hood, and a little more battery acid in the throat, than the comparably anemic three-piece).

But print is print. Despite netting a host of local awards (the trusty Guts earned a hard fought Picked to Click win in City Pages' 2007 election), this international attention is not just deserved, but an overdue stroke of good fortune.

In addition to being outstanding performers both live and on record (their discography sports a junkyard of tapes, 7 inch splits, and full lengths), they have been indefatigable collaborators and boosters of music acts both above and below ground. Bassist Taylor Motari runs the indie label Tardigrade Records, through which he has curated an outstanding annual compilation of sorely overlooked national and local music acts three years running, known as the Runt compilation, and guitarist/vocalist Laura Larson moonlights in the three-piece Kitten Forever.

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