Babes in Toyland Announce Reunion Show

Maureen Herman, Kat Bjelland, and Lori Barbero are baaaaack.

Maureen Herman, Kat Bjelland, and Lori Barbero are baaaaack.

After teasing a comeback earlier this year, Babes in Toyland have announced their first live show with the Fontanelle-era lineup in 18 years.

The Minneapolis-bred heavy rock trio of Kat Bjelland, Maureen Herman, and Lori Barbero will take the stage together for a show in Los Angeles in February.

The show is scheduled for February 12 at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles.

Herman originally exited the band in 1997, and Barbero and Bjelland continued Babes in Toyland intermittently until 2001.

Back in June, Bjelland and Herman were interviewed at Pasadena College, and the two let slip that a new formation of the band was on the way. At the time, they said that they'd be playing previously recorded Babes in Toyland material, and new stuff could be expected. Barbero's role was not yet known. There were rumblings of a Twin Cities reunion show earlier this year, but so far nothing has materialized.

A press release says that the band recently spoke to Rolling Stone's Mark Yarm about their reformation. From the piece:

"It was brought to my attention that not only do we have a lot of diehard fans from back in the day, but also a whole new generation of kids -- my son Henry included -- that were eager to see us live," explained singer/guitar player Kat Bjelland. "I felt some kind of obligation for them to see us, too. But mainly, I just missed my girls and the feeling that comes from playing with them -- visceral live therapy."
Could this turn out like the Replacements reunion strategy? Ticket sales were hot for the 'Mats coming back together in other cities for festivals before finally capping with an experience in St. Paul this year. With that new generation of kids in mind, Babes in Toyland could up the anticipation by waiting a while before announcing their live return here too.


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