B-Mould in Spin: I Got Good Advice from Burroughs

Bob Mould released a new album, District Line, yesterday, and Steve Kandell interviewed him for Spin magazine. I'd like to point out the interesting parts but maybe every self-respecting Minnesota music dork will just be annoyed with me for not already knowing that Mould wrote the theme for The Daily Show or that he used to write scripts for professional wrestling? Okay, but did you know that Mould claims not to know why Husker Du songs are not available for download? "Grant Hart's lawyer was in charge of the estate." Also, he's never listened to The Living End. He lives in D.C. now, "in a box," he says, meaning that he doesn't really leave the perimeter of his own neighborhood. And conversations with old po' bizness dudes William Burroughs and John Giorno helped him put his whole legacy into perspective. Mould keeps a personal blog here. He'll be playing First Ave on March 5th.

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