Aw Naw Hell Naw: An Open Letter to Ron Browz

I decided this week I would air out some things that have been bothering me about "Ether Boy" Ron Browz. You know, the "Pop Champagne" guy. "How we ball in the club I know you hate it..." Yeah that guy, and yes I do hate how you ball in the club. I'm goin' in:

Dear Ron,

Please stop. Really.

Honestly, I'm not even that mad at the Ether boy thing. But the "Ether" beat wasn't even that hot and all the references made to it in the media and on blogs just point to that it was the "scathing diss track aimed at Jay-z" from he and Nas' famous beef. My dude Nasty Nas has a long and sad history of picking sorry beats to rap over and its not like you wrote his verse. So fuck that, I am mad at this whole Ether boy shit. Its gotta go.


Ron, if you're reading please stop.

Next, you've made the same song like five times in the last six months. I don't care if you changed the hook and the guest appearances, they're the same fucking song. "Jumpin out the window," "Arab Money," "Pop Champagne," and the last two gems that came out of you digitally gargling are all the same track, and if I hear your busted ass autotune doing the same poor excuse for a hook one more time I'm gonna start cutting myself just to feel something real again.

This song is on the radio in 5 different incarnations. It sucked the first time. Fail.

And speaking of the that, then there's the autotune thing. I can deal with T-Pain. Hell, I even like him sometimes. I love Wayne and he's weird enough to make it work on some "spaced out artist" type shit. I can even deal with Kanye and his crazy "I'm gonna pose nude" nonsense cuz the dude actually makes some great music with or without autotune. But Ron, please to shut off your god awful version of that effect and get back to making bangers like Blow it Out (Ludacris). I mean, didn't we learn anything from Swizz Beatz? No fuck that, did we not learn anything from PUFFY?? And those guys are bad enough MCs without autotune.

You may be asking at this point, "why are you so mad Jimmy?" Well, I'll tell you why I'm mad Ron. Cuz in my given profession, where I'm judged by how much the bar makes and how many times people scream or cheer for radio approved jammy of the moment, I've found myself putting your record on in the club. For clubby club gigs, it has become a must. And every time I do it, I die a little inside. Do you want me to die Ron?

Now, to be fair, you did make Big L's "Ebonics" and that is undoubtedly a bona fide classic banger, so I know you got it in you. And If I could get ole Doc Brown to fire up the Delorean to travel back in time and save you from yourself I would.

But for now, my dude please. Stay behind the boards.

With Love,

So until next week, you should enjoy this live mix I made for last Saturday's awesome DRE DAY VII, the celebration of a true producer who can rap AND control the maestro. AND his actual Birthday is today! Happy Birthday to the Doctor! Download the mix and subscribe to the BRLSQOTHEQUE podcast below. Enjoy...

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