Aw Naw Hell Naw: A word with Muja Messiah about Artist X Artist


As a lot of you may know, there's a pretty epic hip hop show goin' down tonight, as the one-time-only preview of the matrix 12 rapfest ARTIST X ARTIST hits the Fine Line.  Featuring collaborative dual sets from Minneapolis' very own rap power houses Atmosphere & Brother Ali, Muja Messiah & M.anifest, and Toki Wright & St. Paul Slim, with Plain Ole Bill and I on four turntables, this one is not to be missed.  I recently talked to Muja Messiah about the show, what's coming up for him, and EMERGENCY MCNUGGETS.  

Muja Messiah

Jimmy2Times: You had a big year in 2008 with the release of "Adventures of a B-boy/D-boy." What particular work, be it a certain show or track, are you most personally proud of?

Muja Messiah: Im proud of my whole album. It took longer than i expected it would but in the end i cant complain. I worked with all my favorite local and national artists. (I) learned a lot in the process and feel like i delivered a product i can stand behind.

J2T: What Twin Cities acts are you checking for most?

Muja: My favorite TC act is my guy Dodi Phy. He's got a project comin' out called "Sumthin Greater" and the shit's BANANAS! He's on some intellectual thug shit. Im also lookin forward to the new Manifest, the new Maria Isa, and the Black Blondie album...And not because I'm on 'em either.

J2T: Ha, gotcha.  So What's next for you?


Muja: Music! Movies! Commmercials! Corporate sponserships! And relationships with famous women!

J2T: That's what I like to hear. Any thoughts on the lady who called 911 three times because Mcdonalds was out of McNuggets?

Muja: That bitch is crazy!

J2T: Agree! So you and M.anifest are performing tonight at Artist X Artist with Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Toki Wright and St. Paul Slim. You guys have performed as a duo and recorded together before, any plans for future recordings together? What is going to set Monday's performance apart from your past performances as a duo?

Artist X Artist is March 9th at the Fine Line

Muja: Yeah me and Manifest definitely got some shit in the works. We got great chemistry in the lab and we share the same type of ideas creatively. Tonight is gonna be ill 'cause we put together the show like we're a group rather than 2 seperate artists. I guarantee we're gonna give em their moneys' worth! TRUST ME!

Muja Messiah will be performing at tonight's sold out ARTIST X ARTIST at the Fine Line with Atmosphere, Brother Ali, M.anifest, Toki Wright, St. Paul Slim, Plain Ole Bill and me. Holler at Rhymesayers for more info. As an added bonus, here's a mini mix that I recently did for Radio K that manages to squeeze Hyphy rap, N.O. Bounce music, old school party jams and funky breaks into 15 minutes!

Download HERE via zshare.