Aw Naw Hell Naw: 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross


This week, we're gonna look at 2009's most entertaining and yet probably most inconsequential rap beef: the saga of 50 cent and Officer Ricky, aka Rick Ross. Since this beef started a lil over a month ago, not too much has happened on either side of things. While the diss songs have been mediocre at best, a string of highly entertaining videos via have more than made up for them.

That said, I thought it would be a good look for the fine people reading to see these cartoons in sequential order, because I haven't seen them showcased in such a way anywhere else. We'll skip 50's initial threat video and the one where he takes Rick Ross' Baby Moms' shopping for furs and Gucci bags (whoa) -- what you will see are the awesome cartoons that have been produced solely to poke fun at Ross' former employment as a corrections officer.

Its become increasingly clear over the past few weeks that this beef matters little outside of New York and Miami, but to give you some background: Ross had been taking shots at 50 in radio interviews and such, claiming 50 gave him a "funny look" at the BET awards. (Yikes, really?) After this, 50 went in relentlessly. Now the actual diss songs are weak, so I'm not even gonna bother posting them, but peep the four-part video series below and have a laugh at work or where ever you may be at the moment. Enjoy!

50 is one of my favorite MCs and he is out of his mind. Ya gotta love it!

That's it for this week, check back with me next week for more rap news and maybe a new mix! Don't forget to check out BOMP this Friday at the Bedlam theater with the Moon Goons, Soviet Panda, Winship, Shannon Blowtorch, Dirtyfinger (Brooklyn) and your boy, me!