Auto-Tune the News

Part 2

The best ideas are the simple ideas done perfectly, and that's precisely what Auto-Tune the News, a rabidly funny lampoon of cable news pundits, is. The players are Michael Gregory and his older brother Andrew Gregory (a touring songwriter of the Bright Eyes stripe, who even has his own Myspace page).

It's exactly what the title suggests-- the Gregory brothers apply the auto-tune vocal effect to the sounds of the nightly news, harmonizing with them whenever possible. The effect is magnificent and jaw-dropping, not only for its topicality but for its spot-on recreation of a fad that's still ablaze.

Part 1.

This use of auto-tune most loudly confirms what we all new about that particular vocal effect-- it's quick, easy and fool proof, and Auto Tune the News is no compliment to T-Pain's current domination of the R and B charts. And the beat production here? These songs have wheels-- particularly part 2. Auto Tune the News part 2 could be sneaked into any DJs set from Too Much Love to Epic and not an eyelash would bat. Stay tuned-- hopefully there's more to come.

Oh-- and bonus credentials for young Mr. Gregory? Dude made it onto American Idol.