Aunt Dracula withdraws from tonight's Turf Club bill


Chickadee Mountain Martyrs slipped your camera some acid.

With or without Aunt Dracula, tonight's Turf Club show is pure kaleidescopy, a deliriously Technicolor bill that spans the hard-scrabble, gnarled roots of Chickadee Mountain Martyrs and the twitchy, frayed wire dance music of Unicorn Basement in one frenzied stride.

Headliners Aunt Dracula, who had to cancel their appearance for reasons unknown, still deserve some ink for their trouble. Hailing from Philadelphia, they are as roomy as a pharaoh's crypt. Lush and eerie, their music is like a haunted greenhouse, full of bizarre musical fauna and the distant echoes of passing voices that rave with layered incantations. It's pop music with heart, and it's got enough vision and room reverb to make it fully mammalian and four chambered, even if we aren't exactly certain of the sub species. With Aunt Dracula, mood runs to exotic highs.

Leisure Birds open the show. Featuring members of Daughters of the Sun and the lamentably defunct Thunder in The Valley,  it's strident, rhythmic, often grindingly atonal rock and roll that tests the boundaries of several genres from blues to psychedelia. Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, in every song, seem to craft an almanac of the American West, as if written by pioneers on peyote, and Unicorn Basement are a science accident gone right-- a spill in the chemist's lab that spawned a nourishing, mutant weed. Overpoweringly dancy and fearsomely energetic, they will most certainly prove to redline the evening's cardiogram.

Aside from the quality of the music, there's nothing predictable about this show. Leave the left brain at home.

Tuesday December 9. Turf Club. $9.00 P.M. $4.00. 21+