August 6, 2009: F. Stokes & the Blind Shake


Twin Cities News:

-- F. Stokes has released a new video (produced by Doomtree's Lazerbeak) for the song "Jeremiah."

-- The Current has a studio performance by the Blind Shake.

  • St. Paul's Mastermind has released a new track called "Hancock."

-- Video footage of Peter Parker's recent interview with Brother Ali.

-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: iPod Hijack! Big Trouble's Top 10 Most Played.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Big Trouble @ Red Stag Supper Club


-- Suicide Commandos @ 501 Club

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Daily Audio Downloads:

-- David Bazan "Bless This Mess" (mp3)


-- Felix da Housecat "Kickdrum" (mp3)


-- Heather Greene "Why Don't You Say Yes" (mp3)


-- Mittens on Strings "Big Brother" (mp3)