August 17, 2009: Vampire Hands & Bob Dylan

August 17, 2009: Vampire Hands & Bob Dylan

Twin Cities News:
-- The AV Club interviews Vampire Hands and the Alarmists.
-- The Strib reviews Daniel Johnston's First Avenue show.
-- The Current has audio and video of a studio performance by Béla Fleck and Charlie Parr.
-- Culture Bully has a review of Ambassador Gun's new album.
-- "Bob Dylan Detained by Police, Not Recognized in New Jersey."

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Alan Singley and the Pants "Le Rain" (mp3)
-- The Good Graces "Yo No Puedo Hablar Español" (mp3)
-- Jupiter One "Flaming Arrow" (mp3)
-- Modern Age "Creatures" (mp3)
-- Slow Claw "Everybody" (mp3)
-- Slow Claw "Colorado" (mp3)

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