Audio Perm Block Party showcases Twin Cities hip-hop, offers up free mixtape

It's not uncommon to find a rap act sharing a bill with a bunch of rock and pop acts at one of the Twin Cities' many block parties, but aside from mammoth outdoor fest Soundset you're hard-pressed to find a summer shindig that caters specifically to the local rap scene. Next weekend, thanks to a troupe of young producers that call themselves Audio Perm, that's all going to change: The Audio Perm Block Party will showcase SoCal rappers Pac Div alongside Twin Cities hip-hop artists big (I Self Divine, Toki Wright, Kanser) and small next Saturday, August 27, in the Shuga Records parking lot.

To get showgoers acquainted with the acts on the bill, Audio Perm are releasing a series of bios, interviews, and music videos on their Tumblr page, as well dropping a free Audio Perm Block Party mixtape that provides a sampler of the acts on the bill.

Download: Audio Perm Block Party Mixtape


1. Pac Div - Mayor (Prod. by Swiff D)
2. Toki Wright - Face It (Prod. by Benzilla & BK-One)
3. Kanser - Comin' Out Again (Prod. by Big Jess)
4. Chantz Erolin & 80H20 - Pepper Shaker (Prod. by Cay-Riss)
5. I Self Devine - P.A.A. (Remix) (Prod. by Jake One)
6. Audio Perm Ft. Bobby Raps, Mundo Libre & Yakub - Spark One (Prod. by Taylor Madrigal of Audio Perm)
7. Duenday - 2 Matts Cool Raps (Prod. by In2Wishin)
8. Big Zach (Kanser) - Subshop (Prod. by Ant of Atmosphere)
9. Audio Perm Ft. Fresh Squeeze - A New Day (Prod. by Cory Grindberg of Audio Perm)
10. Bobby Raps - Gettin' Throwed (Prod. by Bobby Raps)
11. Illuminous 3 ft. Mike Mictlan - L (Prod. by The Sundance Kid)
12. Pac Div - Pac Div (Prod. by Swiff D)
13. I Self Devine - This is it (Prod. by Jake One)
14. Niles Miller - Live It Up (Prod. by Killa Beatz)
15. The Tribe & Big Cats ft. Pat Brown - Stay High
16. Yakub & Big Dylan ft. Maxx Appeal - Spring Cleaning (Prod. by Maxx Appeal)
17. Audio Perm Ft. Bobby Raps, Yakub, Big Dylan, Niles Miller - 4th and 4th (Prod. by Julian Fairbanks of Audio Perm)
18. T.U.S.S. - Astro Livin' (Prod. by Greg Grease)
19. Pac Div - Anti-Freeze

Audio Perm Block Party showcases Twin Cities hip-hop, offers up free mixtape

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