Audio Perm Block Party showcases Twin Cities hip-hop, offers up free mixtape


It's not uncommon to find a rap act sharing a bill with a bunch of rock and pop acts at one of the Twin Cities' many block parties, but aside from mammoth outdoor fest Soundset you're hard-pressed to find a summer shindig that caters specifically to the local rap scene. Next weekend, thanks to a troupe of young producers that call themselves Audio Perm, that's all going to change: The Audio Perm Block Party will showcase SoCal rappers Pac Div alongside Twin Cities hip-hop artists big (I Self Divine, Toki Wright, Kanser) and small next Saturday, August 27, in the Shuga Records parking lot.

[jump] To get showgoers acquainted with the acts on the bill, Audio Perm are releasing a series of bios, interviews, and music videos on their Tumblr page, as well dropping a free Audio Perm Block Party mixtape that provides a sampler of the acts on the bill.

Download: Audio Perm Block Party Mixtape


  1. Pac Div - Mayor (Prod. by Swiff D)

  2. Toki Wright - Face It (Prod. by Benzilla & BK-One)

  3. Kanser - Comin' Out Again (Prod. by Big Jess)

  4. Chantz Erolin & 80H20 - Pepper Shaker (Prod. by Cay-Riss)

  5. I Self Devine - P.A.A. (Remix) (Prod. by Jake One)

  6. Audio Perm Ft. Bobby Raps, Mundo Libre & Yakub - Spark One (Prod. by Taylor Madrigal of Audio Perm)

  7. Duenday - 2 Matts Cool Raps (Prod. by In2Wishin)

  8. Big Zach (Kanser) - Subshop (Prod. by Ant of Atmosphere)

  9. Audio Perm Ft. Fresh Squeeze - A New Day (Prod. by Cory Grindberg of Audio Perm)

  10. Bobby Raps - Gettin' Throwed (Prod. by Bobby Raps)

  11. Illuminous 3 ft. Mike Mictlan - L (Prod. by The Sundance Kid)

  12. Pac Div - Pac Div (Prod. by Swiff D)

  13. I Self Devine - This is it (Prod. by Jake One)

  14. Niles Miller - Live It Up (Prod. by Killa Beatz)

  15. The Tribe & Big Cats ft. Pat Brown - Stay High

  16. Yakub & Big Dylan ft. Maxx Appeal - Spring Cleaning (Prod. by Maxx Appeal)

  17. Audio Perm Ft. Bobby Raps, Yakub, Big Dylan, Niles Miller - 4th and 4th (Prod. by Julian Fairbanks of Audio Perm)

  18. T.U.S.S. - Astro Livin' (Prod. by Greg Grease)

  19. Pac Div - Anti-Freeze

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