Atomic Annie tonight at the Turf Club


"Hey, what was your favorite flavor of Bonkers?" Atomic Annie, photographed by smallwhitemusic.

Here at Gimme Noise, we're no obscurists. And we would never poo poo a reader for having never heard of a band like Atomic Annie, a band that plays more basements and living rooms than venues. It is, after all, our job to keep our ears to the rail when you don't have the time.

So here's what you need to know about Atomic Annie. Consider it a Gimme Noise primer:

1. Their banter minutes outnumber their song minutes by a ratio that approaches 2:1.

2. Their songs are screamscapes so brief and jarring, you'll have to count your fillings between each.

3. Their shows just might be the funniest, most entertaining, and most enthralling 15 minutes you could possibly throw your money at in this town.

You probably know Taylor Motari best from his work as Baby Guts' bassist (also on the bill). But his presence in that band is so ominously mute that, within five minutes of an Atomic Annie set, you'll wonder what's been keeping his tongue.

Their banter is a mudpatch of everything disposable and reviled in pop culture-- and it's refuse that Motari clearly adores. Odes to Surge Cola, reminiscence about Dorito flavored Doritos-- what's a laugh-off memory to us is life's blood to Motari. And even as the jokes keep hitting, Motari never loses his deadpan. To him, Crystal Pepsi (yes, a lot of it is snack based) is a nearly divine matter.

And guess what? There's a BAND in there, too. And a damn good one. They're thrashy, they're loud, and they waste no time setting your brains to a hard boil.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $4.00. With Baby Guts, Kill to Kill, and Tiger Grash. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue.