Atmosphere tonight in the Main Room


No scurvy for Slug and Ant.

If Sean Daley is the 500 pound gorilla of local music, then the First Avenue Main Room is his favorite La-Z-Boy. Sure-- Slug could sit anywhere he wants. It just so happens that the Black Box on First and Seventh is the place.

It's interior dimensions haven't changed in a few decades. Amazing, then, that it suits Slug's current monarchy as snugly as it did Prince's 20-some years ago. There is nothing quite like a well-made throne, especially with a court of 1,800. Mary Queen of Scots should have been so lucky.

Pay attention, Twin Citians. Every rhyme Slug spits, every album he releases, every entrance he makes onto the First Avenue stage is permanent history in the writing, the kind that only comes through a city once in a generation, if that. We don't mean to aggrandize what is already larger than lfe. But it's a simple fact-- Slug's success is monolithic.

Given the speed with which Atmosphere sells out the Main Room, the trajectory of his career currently indicated by the commercial success of his last releases, there will be a time in the imminent future when even the Main Room will start binding up in the crotch and armpits. Hell, he might have already reached it.

With Eyedea & Abilities on the bill, this is a veritable demonstration of our hip hop patriarchy. The best and most seasoned, the most celebrated and embraced, and E&A's presence on this bill makes the $20.00 pricetag an absolute steal. Sure, it's an all local bill. But their collective talents are worth infinitely more.

Atmosphere might not need the ink, and though every one of his fans, both devoted and casual, already knows what they plan to do with their night tonight, what they might not know is that, barring catastrophe (which we gleeful pessimists so rarely elect to do), your chances of being within a hundred feet of Atmosphere in a live capacity  are not long for this world. Don't miss out on the history books being written.

18+. 8:00 P.M. $20.00. With Attracted to Gods. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.