Atmosphere take a stand against domestic violence in 'The Last to Say' video

On Atmosphere's latest album, The Family Sign, "The Last to Say" stands out as one of the most sobering and plain-spoken tracks on the album, riffing on a message warning against domestic violence with lines like "Just tear it all apart and build new / Cause if you don't kill him, he's gonna kill you / You can't hold hands when they make fists / And I ain't the first to say this." Today, Atmosphere makes that point even sharper with "The Last to Say," which depicts two generations of abusive man battling their demons and their families around the same kitchen table as Slug floats in and out of view, narrating the sad saga. 

The group premiered the video on MTV's social awareness site ACT with the "hopes of spreading awareness about the seriousness of this issue and help individuals understand the impact of domestic abuse on victims, families, and our communities," and you can watch the video below.