Atmosphere return with new track "Bob Seger"

Atmosphere return with new track "Bob Seger"
Photo by Erik Hess

A new Atmosphere album is rumored to be coming in the second half of 2013, and now there's some new music to stoke that conversation along. Rhymesayers isn't sure if this will be part of a new record just yet, so we'll have to wait and see. The name of a single debuted today is "Bob Seger," and it explores a bit of the night moves the Silver Bullet Band touched on back in '76. (We were hoping for a connection to fellow local act Night Moves, but nothing much in that department.)

Aside from the collaboration "It Ain't the Prettiest" -- also featuring Brother Ali, Haphduzn, and Carnage -- earlier this year, this is one of the first new tracks from Slug and Ant delivered in quite a while. The tune debuted this week, and there's an immediately dark tone to its infectious beat.

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Slug opens with a glass of whiskey, and notes that he's "trying to get tipsy as a tugboat," and this unfolds as some blurry sketches lurking somewhere across a crowded club -- or mind.

Atmosphere's "Bob Seger" cover art
Atmosphere's "Bob Seger" cover art

Where it goes from there are the words of an exhausted figure in a situation in which "nowhere feels quite right." Along with 2011's The Family Sign, there's still a sincerity to these lyrics, and not too much self-deprecating humor to be found in lines like "I ain't as cool as I used to be, leave me alone." But Slug could just as easily be speaking for another unnamed figure in this fairly nonspecific narrative.

"Truthfully, I'd rather keep it in a zone I could maneuver easily from the comfort of my home," he raps later. But still this is a narrator who can't help but speak these things in a way that they'll be heard by thousands. Could this be the part of a larger character study found on the next Atmosphere album? We'll have to wait and see.

And the guys are geared for the Kicking Up Dust Tour with Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds, and the Grouch & Eligh. Dates, which don't include the Twin Cities for now, are here.

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