Atmosphere releases new song, 'Minnesota Nice'

​Atmosphere preface their Minnesota Nice tour with an all-too appropriate song: "Minnesota Nice."

Whoa whoa whoa...this isn't nice at all.

While the beat doesn't really do much except strike a West Coast Willy Wonka walk, the song itself very obviously isn't aspiring to Charlie Rose seriousness. Slug, Prof, Mr. Gene Poole, and Felipe Cuauhtli use the chance to explain that Minnesota nice is all things to all people, but mostly not. Minnesota nice is mostly about saying your mind (yeah right, we wish). But they do.

You can find out everything you need to know about Atmosphere's upcoming tour, Welcome to Minnesota, right here on Gimme Noise. We just got word from the tour manager that the Duluth stop is officially sold out.

Atmosphere, "Minnesota Nice" (feat. Prof, Mr. Gene Poole & Felipe Cuauhtli)

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