Atmosphere drops new 'solar-powered' video for old song


Let's say you're an underground rap hero with a massive fanbase — nice. You've got an old song titled "Sunshine," your band name could be applied to climate change conversations, and you're looking to make a difference. Well sir, you sound an awful lot like Atmosphere, the Twin Cities favorites who just released a solar-powered video for their 2007 single "Sunshine." 

The video for the easy-breezy track from Sad Clown Bad Summer 9 is a co-sign for SunPort, a plug-in device that taps into solar credits, creating more demand for renewable energy. Shot using SunPort and directed by Victor Rukavina, it features a woman in a Lifter Puller T-shirt conquering her hangover. Here's a rundown of the SunPort model from its Kickstarter campaign (currently sitting at $50,543 of its $75,000 goal): 

"Think of SunPort as a smart solar delivery device, or demand device. It solar-powers anything you plug in by measuring the electricity you take from any wall outlet and automatically upgrading it to solar using certified solar credits. No panels required. Just $1-$2 in solar credits is enough to cover everything you can plug into a SunPort for a whole month. It makes choosing solar like choosing organic food or fair trade coffee. You pay a little more because you care about where it comes from."
Can energy policy be swayed via altruism incentivized by Minneapolis hip-hop? A tall order, to be sure. But if Slug & Co. can at least help spark — energy term! — a conversation about nudging the power grid toward renewables, that's a ray of sunshine through the smog. Here's hoping there's an Atmosphere fan in the climate-ignoring clown car that is the current crop of Republican presidential candidates. 

Atmosphere's label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, will celebrate its 20th anniversary December 4 at Target Center.