Atmosphere debut new track, 'Just for Show'

On the same day as Atmosphere launches it's short tour of this here frozen tundra state, the "Welcome to Minnesota Tour" in Mankato, we get hit in the face with a new track, "Just for Show," from their upcoming lucky number 7th full-length release, The Family Sign, slated to drop April 12 worldwide.

Debuted by Slug on the Current on Monday night and now making its way around the World Wide Web, we'll let you decide what you think it's a shitty version of, but we're pretty excited with the new track. Heavily steeped in a solid reggae rhythm, the track sounds unique for Atmosphere but not totally uncommon as Ant's delved into the genre a couple times in the past (on God Loves Ugly's "Blamegame," for example). Drenching the groove with heavy organ sounds and with a typically catchy as hell chorus, we find Slug in his usual self-contemplation and confrontational spirit.

It's also the first time we get a glimpse of the new cover art for the upcoming full length from the group, The Family Sign, which follows the same baby and family theme that was hinted at with the bottle of milk that showed up on the last release, To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs.

Atmosphere debut new track, 'Just for Show'

Touted as a personal record and reflection of the family and friends around the group, the new single doesn't necessarily seem to fall in that category, but at least works as a teaser for what fans are going to hear at the upcoming performances and this spring when we get the full course.

Atmosphere - Just For Show by rhymesayers

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