Astronomique perfect legwarmer-pop in week's Top 5 MN music videos

A scene from Astronomique's deliciously '80s-spoofing music video.

A scene from Astronomique's deliciously '80s-spoofing music video.

Nowadays, you gotta get arrested to score your video 100,000 views. But there are ways to make your video go viral without getting the cops involved.

Unfortunately, having a good song isn't necessarily one of them. To wit, "Midway" by Bad Bad Hats — ostensibly the best song released out of Minnesota in the past five years— still hasn't crossed that threshold, despite nearly a year on the circuit. "Girls Named Benji" by Murder Shoes, off their local starlet Daydreaming, hasn't even cracked 1,000 despite being a cracker of a single and getting a boost from Local Frames.

All hope is not lost though. Two weeks after dropping, Lizzo's "Good as Hell" is north of 130k views. Sure, she's got a major label pushing her stuff out to the masses, but let's hope it serves as a rising tide for all Minnesota boats. At any rate, we'll be here every week trying to get those commas for some lower-exposure locals.

Sorry if we end up sending the cops your way, though.

Shellycoats — "Wrong" 

You may remember Tracy Tabery-Weller from Minneapolis indie-electro outfit Still Pacific. The Susanna Hoffs-inspired singer has since taken her calm tones to Wisconsin electro-pop newcomers Shellycoats. You may have seen both bands amicably share the stage at Dangerous Man over Art-A-Whirl weekend, but if you didn't, Shellycoats just dropped the Joe Quigley-directed single for "Wrong."

The song is about making stress-induced bad decisions and dealing with the regret, an arc that is captured by the video, which follows a leather-clad revenger as she kidnaps a white-collar 9-5er. The visuals play in reverse, gradually unraveling the events that lead up to the outburst, though the ultimate reason is never made clear. 

Iron Range Outlaw Brigade — "Fortified Wine"

Everyone remembers trying Mad Dog 20/20 for the first time. The gasoline-grade fortified wine has found us all in some moment of desperation or hubris. Many of us stopped after one taste, but not the Iron Range Outlaw Brigade. They love the despicable liver destroyer so much that they wrote a ballad to ol' MD called "Fortified Wine."

The Northwoods cow-punk group did all the shooting and editing for the sobriety-averse video on an iPhone 4, which goes to show you how much of a budget the IROB is working with here. Obviously, top-shelf booze was out of the picture, and anyway, Grey Goose would make for a poor muse for their brand of down-home outlaw country. The song comes from their self-titled July 2015 release.

Bora York — "Arrest Me"

Bora York is kind of like the Miike Snow of northeast Minneapolis. Their latest LP, Secret Youth, is a breathy dance-pop elixir that feels as therapeutic as it does fun. Dancer Kaleena Miller embodies that feeling in the video for Secret Youth single "Arrest Me," which arrived late last week. Moving with carefree and languid steps, Miller trounces through the Ritz Theater to a backdrop of claps and thumping bass, growing more and more free as the song goes on.

"Arrest Me" is directed by Joseph Daniel McMahon, who eschewed a narrative in favor of capturing this freedom. It's the first-ever music video from Bora York, and it perfectly captures what you can expect from the soothing local four-piece.

Astronomique — "The Shape You Take" (PREMIERE)

If Astronomique had their way, legwarmers would never have gone out of style. The Minneapolis retro-pop trio went back to the Jane Fonda days to visualize their new single "The Shape You Take," which is off their new self-titled EP, which drops tomorrow.

"The Shape You Take" is more than buns, thighs, and abs, though. The song is an energetic, overprocessed
response to the trendy nihilism of the 2010s. It reaches back to the perma-sunny days of the '80s, co-opting the upstrokes of Kenny Loggins and the visceral bass of Depeche Mode. It's about finding meaning in a fleeting moment. You can have a fleeting moment with the band on May 27 as Astronomique celebrate the release of the EP at the 331 Club.

Vinnie Rose — "Give It One More Chance" (PREMIERE)

Acoustic singer-songwriter Vinnie Rose has seen a lot of love. A favorite performer at local weddings, the squeaky-clean musician has rhapsodized the nuptials of others countless times, but that doesn't mean there's no heartbreak in his life. "Give It One More Chance" is Rose's highly stylized plea for reason. In the song, he beseeches an ex-lover to come back, using his music to prove there's still some magic left.

Rose's Cold Wind Blowin' drops today, and the heartfelt singer is releasing a slew of videos to hype up the sophomore effort. There'll be four in total, and "Give It One More Chance" is only the first. He'll also be embarking on a mini tour (all dates here) that kicks off on Wednesday at Joe Senser's in Bloomington. Come feel the love.

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