Astronautalis produces new Bleubird album 'Cannonball!!!'

Recent Minnesota-transplant Astronautalis didn't take long to ingratiate himself in the Twin Cities music community, easily winning over local music fans with his high-spirited live shows and genuine talent. But he hasn't forgotten about his Florida friends, and has teamed up with his childhood pal Radical Face to co-produce Cannonball!!!, the new record from the Floridian MC Bleubird. Bleubird is just as well-traveled as Astronautalis is, and has seamlessly blended the influences and flavor of each of his former homes into his music, fusing his rapid-fire storytelling over fresh, innovative beats. [jump]

Both Bleubird and Astronautalis have performed together many times over the years, and enjoy collaborating with each other, an easy camaraderie which should only add to the vibrant spirit of Bleubird's album. You can order the record as well as listen to previews of each of the tracks (including "Hello Hallow," which features Astronautalis) at the Circle Into Square site. And here's a clip of the duo performing together way back in 2009.

The pair have also announced an extensive European tour together, which will find them hitting the continent pretty hard over the next two months. Hopefully, after that lengthy tour is finished, Astronautalis will bring Bleubird up to the Twin Cities to show him what our scene is all about.

Astronautalis & Bleubird Eurpean Tour Dates

JAN 18: Paris, France - TBA

JAN 19: Brussels, Belgium - Bar du Matin

JAN 20: Strasbourg, France - Chez Mimir

JAN 21: Winterthur, Switzerland - Kraftfeld

JAN 22: Bern, Switzerland - Roesli Bar

JAN 23: Marseille, France - L'Enthropy

JAN 24: Toulouse, France - Connexion Cafe

JAN 25: Clermont, France - Raymond Bar

JAN 26: Nantes, France - Le Pôle

JAN 27: Tours, France - Temps Machine

JAN 28: Vendome, France - Chapelle Saint-Jacques

JAN 29: Darmstadt, Germany - Oettinger Villa

JAN 30: Regensburg, Germany - Alte Mälzerei

JAN 31: Olomouc, Czech Republic - Jazz Club

FEB 01: Brno, Czech Republic - Fleda

FEB 02: Wroclaw, Poland - Klub Puzzle

FEB 03: Prague, Czech Republic - 007

FEB 04: Linz, Austria - Stadtwerkstatt

FEB 05: Vienna, Austria - TBA

FEB 06: Graz, Austria - CuntRa

FEB 07: Innsbruck, Austria - PMK

FEB 08: Milano, Italy - TBA

FEB 09: Faenza, Italy - TBA

FEB 10: Torino, Italy - TBA

FEB 11: Heilbronn, Germany - PlemPlem

FEB 12: Weikersheim, Germany - W 71

FEB 13: Dresden, Germany - TBA

FEB 14: Berlin, Germany - About Blank

FEB 16: Frankfurt, Germany - Lvi

FEB 17: Bremen, Germany - Lila Eule

FEB 18: Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang

FEB 19: Arnheim, Netherlands - Willemeen

FEB 20: Köln, Germany - Aetherblissement

FEB 21: Oberhausen, Germany - Druckluft

FEB 22: Münster, Germany - Gleis 22

FEB 23: Aachen, Germany - Az