Astronautalis' house in Northeast Minneapolis gutted by fire

Astronautalis' house in Northeast Minneapolis gutted by fire
Via Astronautalis' Tumblr

A fire seriously damaged Astronautalis and his roommates' duplex in Northeast Minneapolis on Thursday evening. According to Minneapolis Fire Department reports, they responded to a blaze found on the structure's back porch at about 7:40 p.m.

Although no human injuries were reported to the home's residents, their cat succumbed to the smoke. In a few postings on his Tumblr blog, Astronautalis summed up the damage and effect of the incident. He theorizes that the fire could have started because of an electrical problem.

From Astronautalis' Tumblr:

last night wasn't the worst night of my life...but it certainly made the top 10. ...and another day.

half of the house is gutted by fire. my stuff is okay, roommates in that half of the house lost almost everything. people are ok. dogs are ok. the beautiful cat Freya, passed at the er vet, she got scared and ran deeper into the smoke. holding her in my arms as she faded was a tough thing.

not sure how it started, old house, electrical maybe? started in a back apt both of those roommates were out of town. what followed, working with my rommate vicki, trying to fight the fire, realizing that was out, save pets, call 911, grab my hard drive and abandon ship...that was probably the most insane 30 minutes of my life. Everyone from our neighbor Amy, our landlord, and the MPLS fire dept were AMAZING!!!! truly amazing. i am very lucky to have them, they made a really terrible night a little bit easier to handle. i would appreciate it, if you are friends with me, or any of my roommates....don't blow up our phones today with texts. i made this post to let you a know that we are all okay...and i we need help, we will ask. we love you all, but we don't want to tell this story a hundred times, and i think we all just need a stiff drink and a long hot shower.

In another entry, he thanked the firefighters further:

watching the firefighters work was like watching a full military assault on our home. it was truly impressive. they took our directions about the location of the fire, attacked that first, then splintered off and entered every single window in the house sweeping through and securing what was untouched by flame and smoke. what great amount of our lives that did survive the fire, did so because of the skill and bravery of the Minneapolis Fire Department. The were amazing. i hope that fireman who gave me his sweatshirt got it back.

Finally, this ominous poster, which looks to have sustained serious smoke damage:

Astronautalis' house in Northeast Minneapolis gutted by fire

Gimme Noise will update this posting as we gather more information about the blaze and any benefit activity from artist friends in the community.

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