Astronautalis covers Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow"

Astronautalis covers Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow"

It's been quite a wild summer for Astronautalis. Before embarking on a successful full-scale tour of Europe, the MC found out that he was selected by Harley-Davidson to be part of a project called, "Harley's Taste of Freedom Tour," where the legendary motorcycle maker rewarded five independent artists with their own custom made Harleys.

Upon returning from tour, Astronautalis got his sweet new bike and naturally hit the road. But in June, he found out he had Bell's Palsey, a temporary paralysis that typically affects one side of the face. But after getting some treatment, and donning a cool, Pirate-like eye-patch (see picture above), Andy's health thankfully returned, as did his boundless creative spirit.

And, as a way to reward and say thanks to his supportive fans and friends (and to celebrate the gloriously warm summer months), Astronautalis has just released a free download of him covering the Wiz Khalifa hip-hop anthem, "Black & Yellow."

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Now, this isn't a straight rap cover of "Black & Yellow," not by any means. Astronautalis had this to say about his goals in recording the energetic Khalifa track for a RadioLab episode focusing on colors.

"I wanted to do something that would stand out, not only in song choice, but in style, and all of the things that came to mind, like "Paint It Black", "Yellow Submarine", "Blue"...they all just seemed too easy, too obvious. So I set out to cover "Black & Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa... and make it the prettiest damn version of a Wiz Khalifa song ever. Of all time."

Astronautalis covers Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow"

Andy's longtime friend from Florida, Rickolus, created the mood for the track with an elegiac piano and synth strains, while Erica Burton added some lovely string textures to the number as well. Astronautalis produced, arranged, and mixed the track himself. Sadly, this cover version of "Black & Yellow" was never used in the RadioLab episode, but Andy felt so good about the track that he just had to share it with his fans.

"I am too damn proud of the way this turned out to let it sit on the shelf any longer! So here you go, have this for free, since it is summer, and the sun is shining!"

Astronautalis is about to head out on the road for a lengthy U.S. tour in September, beginning at the gorgeous Imagine Amphitheater at Bluestem Center for the Arts in Moorhead, Minnesota on September 6.

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