Astronaut Wife to reunite for Clubhouse Jager anniversary


Astronaut Wife is a mythological creature in local music, a band whose name and history has been retold time and time again, and yet one who, despite claims that they never "officially" broke up, has been missing from the club circuit for years. When I attending my very first Rock for Pussy benefit show at First Ave, I remember a friend pointing to back-up singer Janey Winterbauer and whispering knowingly, "That's Janey from Astronaut Wife." When I started going to the Mad Ripple Hootenannies, Janey would often sit in for a few songs, and she was always introduced the same way. Here's Janey from Astronaut Wife singing a song with Marc Perlman. Here's Janey from Astronaut Wife singing a Bowie tune.

And now, finally, Janey will be joined by Christian from Astronaut Wife, Amy from Astronaut Wife, and Angela from Astronaut Wife as the onetime popular local band reunites for a show at Clubhouse Jager on Saturday, September 26.

Sci-fi writer Rob Callahan wrote an extensive history of the band, which includes a recent interview with three of the members, for L'etoile Magazine this week. From his article:

For years, the absence of Astronaut Wife on the stages of the Twin Cities was lamented and the lack of new material left the city's scenesters wondering when, or even if, they would have their beloved band back again. Now, as the group's founding members gather for drinks and discussion on the patio of an undisclosed downtown night club, those questions are being answered. Astronaut Wife are coming together to let the city in on the secret of where they've been and, more importantly, that they're back.

Astronaut Wife will perform at the Jagerfest 2009 with Red Pens, Ultrachorus, and Blue Sky Blackout on Saturday, September 26.