Astralblak throw a party with Nazeem & Spencer Joles in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Astralblak, presumably getting ready to jerk.

Astralblak, presumably getting ready to jerk.

The next music video you watch, read the credits.

A whole crew of people work together to make videos happen, but it’s the artist/director relationship that’s crucially important. It’s not just that the director is charged with shepherding an artist’s song; it’s that both parties are entering an entirely new creative endeavor together.

Given the sheer number of relationships that need to be managed, it’s practically a miracle that any music video gets made ever. And yet they keep getting made. So hats off the local miracle-makers for filling yet another edition of Local Frames.

Solana – “O.M.S.” (PREMIERE)

Solana kicked off a strange, moody party with the release of Ginger Vodka Mix last month. Full of downtempo R&B and seductive dark magic, the EP peeled back the layers of mystery surrounding the band. And now the new video for “O.M.S.” reveals more about Solana than ever before, with singer Alex Richter playing the lead role in a story about an all-encompassing crush (played by model Tatiana Bunay). Director Francisco Sanchez brings the human side to Solana’s sometimes obfuscatory sound by telling an all-too-relatable story of two students trying to fit love into their busy lives.

Astralblak– “Jerkin’”

You might know Nazeem & Spencer Joles as local hip-hop stars, but the rapper/producer duo have even more to offer Twin Cities music fans than their own musical endeavors. The pair directed the new visual for Astralblak’s song “Jerkin’,” adding their own style and humor to the local soul group’s kicked-back club song. In the video, Nazeem & Joles throw a party at Modist Brewing, allowing Astralblak to party down while they try out the fresh single from 2018’s Seeds on a crowd of roller skaters grooving through the fog.

Telenovela – “Chest Pains” (lyric video)

George Zuccolotto loves television. That’s why he named his new music project Telenovela, a reflection on how he spent his upbringing in the glow of a cathode ray tube. Telenovela’s first-ever single, “Chest Pains,” comes with a self-produced video where Zuccolotto grapples with the role his TV has played in his life. More than that, the video acts announces Telenovela as an act bringing much-needed representation to local music. “As a brown kid growing up in the Midwest, there were never a lot of people that looked like me in the ‘indie’ music scene,” Zuccolotto said in an email to City Pages. “I try to make music for these kids now and anyone else who feels alienated and feels like the world is just passing them by.”

Cashinova – “Caught the Wave”

Since signing to Stophouse back in 2017, Cashinova has been at work on his first label release. Finally, after a year and a half of anticipation, Big Dragon will drop on March 15. If you want a taste of what the steezed-out rapper can do, check out the video for “Caught the Wave,” in which director Tomas Aksamit channels Stophouse’s super-fun sleaze. Cashinova sips on double cups of lean, rapping about pills and women in between gratuitous butt shots. Looks like Stophouse have another party boy on their hands.

SoloStar – “#TheCross”

SoloStar has been around for nearly a decade, and yet the no-bullshit MC hasn’t quite gotten the props she deserves. She’s hoping to right that with upcoming EP #LoveHangover, due out in the spring. “#TheCross,” the first single from that release, reminds listeners just what happens when you mess with her. In the Quiz Harlin-directed video, SoloStar disposes of a trifling lover, determined to make him regret his infidelity. The same could go for you if you continue to sleep on SoloStar.

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