Astral projection, Hmonglish, and small-town Cyprus in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Don't change the channel, Moss Kwa is on the tee-vee.

Don't change the channel, Moss Kwa is on the tee-vee. YouTube

You’re +1 now.

Leap Day is the ultimate freebie. One more chance to get your taxes done. A day of free rent. An extra 24 hours of Black History Month. A productive delay like that is good for collective morale.

Hopefully you made the most of your bonus day this weekend, but no matter what you did, you still came out ahead. What I mean to say is that now you have plenty of extra time to watch this week’s batch of local music videos.

Moss Kwa – “I’ve Seen It All” (PREMIERE)

You might know Moss Kwa better as Christine Hoberg. The singer-songwriter has been making music since childhood, living in Paris, Wisconsin, New York, and Minneapolis over her long career. In the Moss Kwa era, she leans heavily into her “monster pop” milieu, conjuring allusions to Bjork and St. Vincent. “I’ve Seen It All” is a slow-burning melodrama that gradually builds to a big emotional finale. Lisa Spaay Thomson, who co-directed the video with Hoberg, went back to the early ‘80s to style the shoot, bringing the Eurythmics influence to the forefront.

Chin Chilla – “Haib Tshaj” (PREMIERE)

Ka Lia Universe might’ve been the focus of our recent feature on Hmong artists in the Twin Cities, but don’t sleep on Chin Chilla. “Haib Tshaj,” which is Hmong for “most powerful,” is a stylish look for Chilla. Standing on his own, he raps with a cocksure sneer, switching languages on a whim. Chilla can rap, but he’s also one hell of a dresser, something he showed off at the recent Hmong Nouveau Fashion Show. He owes big ups to director Daddy Fatchops, who makes him look like a suave motherfucker in the video. 

David Hanners – “There Are No Secrets in This Town”

Nicosia, Cyprus, is more than 6,000 miles from the Twin Cities, but small towns are small towns no matter where you are. Folk singer David Hanners spent years in Minneapolis before moving to the Mediterranean island, where he now lives and continues to perform. Word gets around in Nicosia, it seems, and Petros Sofcli invited Hanners to perform the on-the-nose song “There Are No Secrets in This Town” in the middle of Old Town as part of the Moving Sessions.

WayoZone ft. Finding Novyon – “Fade Away”

WayoZone and his producer Eirwolf are back at it again. This time the industrious pair have invited Finding Novyon and director Don Kenneth along for the ride. Beyond the new friends, “Fade Away” is a fresh look for WayoZone, who’s been experimenting with more singing and Auto-Tune. Just another tick on the continuing uptrend from WayoZone. Now that he’s plugging more into the local scene, expect to see his style evolve even further.

MadeByTerry – “The Demotape (Take II)”

If “The Demotape (Take II)” feels raw, that’s intentional. MadeByTerry is taking hip-hop back to its DIY roots. The video even cuts to cell phone footage of Terry rapping in the club before transitioning back to the vintage security-camera tape aesthetic of the video. The self-made Brooklyn Center rapper wears his influences on his sleeve, namedropping Nas, ODB, and Nipsey Hussle in his verses.

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