Ask Gimme Noise: Where are Minneapolis' well-rounded dance nights?

Dear City Pages,

I'd greatly appreciate it if you could tell me of any dance nights or places to dance that would fulfill certain criteria:

 a) not many dude brahs (not that I mind them per se as people, just I don't like guys who may give me the evil eye or stare down/mutter words when dancing, and I also don't like feeling out of place. I'm not a dude brah); 

b) I have been to Too Much Love because I heard that's pretty popular, but the crowd seemed packed with 17- to 20-year-olds (I'm 26), and I find it difficult to get engaged in dancing to trancey dance music with the repetitive simple electronic dance kick drum. I've been to the Moon Goons night, similar thing going on there. 

So where are some places to dance for people like me, with this criteria in mind? I want to dance in public to the likes of Rolling Stones and Prince. I'm not fond of DJ's imparting too much of themelves into music, and trying to be stars, I just want to dance to songs played basically straight through. I also like to dance to recognizable songs, not all obscure things I haven't heard.

Thanks in advance,
Mark Samuelson

Dear Mark --

Let's not forget "dude brahs" need love, too -- considerably more than the rest of us if you bob and weave through the mess of them trying to score at the intersection of First and 5th on a Friday night.  Two girls for every boy, my friend. 

But I digress - let's get to your question. People always seem to be talking about the extermination of the middle these days as it applies to wealth and ideals, but a similar thing has occurred with our nightlife scene. A young single girl or guy in Minneapolis basically has three choices: 

1) Participate in the aggressive mating ritual -- that will eventually see meathead Alpha Males in Affliction uniforms taking over the entire world --  at Brothers, The Refuge, Bootleggers and the like;

2.) Become a blog-house hipster geek and follow the same four DJs around town every month

3.) Go completely underground and become a raver

Not very awesome, I know -- requires far too much commitment. Man, do we here at CP miss SNDP at First Avenue!  But all hope isn't lost-- here are some options we've tried over the last few months and stand behind:

1). Bomp! at the Bedlam Theatre (slideshow) (Last Friday of every month)

The good: Great venue, nice change of pace. HUGE dancefloor. You get the best of both worlds here as hip-hop dance party Get Cryphy's founder merges with Moongoons for a night filled with pop and rap and 80s remixes. 

The bad: Bar only serves wine, beer, and sake. It's also drawn a bit of a younger crowd although they're mostly really fun and up for it.

2). Transmission at Clubhouse Jager (Wednesdays)

The good: This might be your best bet. The night's founder and music programmer is DJ Jake Rudh, who, in my opinion, has one of the best music collections in the city and impeccable taste. From new wave to (of course) Prince to forgotten 80s and 90s gems and of course classic and modern rock n' roll, Jake knows his stuff.

The bad: The venue is small, and the people can tend to be just a smidgen snobby. But that's  really the norm when you get music obsessives aged 25 to 30 in the same room.

3.) Get Cryphy at VIP Room (First Friday of every month)

The good: Where do these people get their energy? I'm talking both the patrons and DJs. It's a madhouse in the VIP every month and resident and founding DJ Jimmy 2 Times will play everything from Dr. Dre to Deeelite.  (Mark, you didn't mention whether you're a fan of hip-hop so this might not be for you, but if you like it even a little bit, it's worth a try).

The bad: Sweaty and too crowded. Often heavy on one genre.

4.) Wants vs. Needs monthly at Clubhouse Jager with Espada and friends (monthly)

The good: It's free! And they give away free stuff (T-Shirts, CDs, etc)

The bad: It's a newish night, so attendance is subject to spottiness. 

5.) Envy's main room on Saturday nights with Dudley D.

The good: Great mix of pop hits mixed with vocal dance tracks. Dudley is Prince's former DJ, so sometimes the Purple Dude stops in. Also, you can go next door if you want to dance a little harder (techno, house, minimal, and electro in the other room).

The bad: Dude brahs.

6). Street Sounds Swirlin' Through My Mind monthly (it's tonight, second Friday of every month)

The good: Some of the best DJs in the city (Mike2600, Karl Frankowski, Jeff Dubois) playing lots and forgotten tracks from eras gone by. Lots of room to dance.

The bad: Hit or miss when it comes to attendance.

DJs to try:

Jimmy 2 Times (Best Club DJ 2009)

We hope this helps. Perhaps if there are other DJs out there reading this they might get the idea to start a night that caters to non raver/hipster/dude brahs. 

If you have a local music or nightlife question you want us to answer, send it here and we'll go to the ends of the earth to answer it for you.