Ashley DuBose reps for St. Paul on The Voice

Ashley DuBose reps for St. Paul on The Voice
It's exciting that another local artist has made an early splash on NBC's singing competition, The Voice, and this time Gimme Noise is already familiar with her work. St. Paul's Ashley DuBose, who has shown a ton of promise as a local R&B singer, shined bright in front of the judges this week in a performance of Rihanna's "Diamonds."

DuBose marks the second Minnesota-based talent to impress the judges this season, with Holly Henry getting into the mix last week.

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After delivering the song with control and poise, the 23-year-old gave an abbreviated version of her back story. "Do you sing for a living?" asked Cee Lo Green. "No, I do not," was her reply. "You do now," Adam Levine countered.

We find out that DuBose works as a programmer/analyst and that she is a single mom here in the Twin Cities, but she has already done a lot of work on top of that to get her name out. She released the album Somethin' More last year, and her songs "Life Goes On," "I Want a Love" featuring Mike Dreams, and "Still Standing Here" also with Dreams have made it into our weekly Local Frames columns celebrating Minnesota music videos.

This is an exciting step for DuBose, and judging by how well she did in her first round, we're expecting more big situations for her in the future. After hearing out all of the judges begging her to work with them, she chose the Maroon 5 frontman to coach her the rest of the way.


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