Ashley Dubose parties like it's you-know-what-year in this week's Top 5 MN music videos

Ashley say relax.

Ashley say relax. YouTube

The mercurial nature of springtime in Minnesota was in full effect this weekend.

Minnesota’s inconsistency is one of its many calling cards. In any given day, you can experience three seasons, and day to day there’s zero weather continuity. This Memorial Day, it rained no fewer than 10 times, all hours apart and in varying degrees of intensity. When you walked out the door, there was no telling what you were gonna get.

Luckily, the same is not true of the music scene. Though the high quality of local music in the Twin Cities is often lauded, what’s not as emphasized is the consistency. Across genres, across scenes, across demographics, the work made here holds up. You can wander over to the Kitty Cat Klub or the Red Sea and get your cover charge’s worth. In these multi-climate days, that’s something worth holding onto.

Ashley DuBose (ft. BdotCroc) -- “Relax” 

Mike Dreams protégé Ashley DuBose remembers the 90s like they were a Will Smith music video. Cookouts, rollerskating, pool games -- it was a nonstop chill session where folks in bright, odd-fitting clothes came together to have a good time. The biggest worry in the world was running out of hot dog buns.

For her new video “Relax,” DuBose takes it back to those warm summer days to create a cookout anthem for 2017. Ashley DuBose, Ben Hughes, and Brian Few Jr. teamed up to make the video, and MC BdotCroc provides a Da Brat-style verse to the festivities. Who needs nostalgia R&B when the fresh stuff is just as good?

Tabah -- Symmetry Somewhere Mini-Documentary

To record their first LP, Symmetry Somewhere, Minneapolis indie-folk band Tabah retreated to This Is 1979, a vintage recording studio in Nashville. The journey helped them capture the warm, baroque sound and throwback sensibility they’d been searching for in each of their previous EPs, and they’ve decided to share the journey in a new mini-documentary.

Captured by Black Feather Creative, the 12-minute film shows the band in the process of not only recording but also songwriting, providing a glimpse into the inner cogs of the band’s identity. It’s a great companion for a record that’s supposed to serve as an introduction, showing the intent behind the final product.

The Pour Organs -- “Drug Wizard”

Satanic garage band the Pour Organs have made a habit of raising demons in their music videos. When last we saw the band on film, they were conjuring the Dark Lord himself with sacrilegious imagery, but now the Pour Organs are fighting for good. Sort of.

In the video for “Drug Wizard,” the band instead vanquishes a demon on the shores of the Mississippi. But the spoils of the victory are a problem in themselves -- with the demon slain, a cave of psychedelic mushrooms reveals itself, sending our hero into binge mode. Christian Spraungel brings the story to life in bizarre fashion. The Pour Organs release their next EP, Church and Destroy, on Friday, and they’ll be celebrating at the 331 on June 16.

M. French -- “Stories” (Live)

After a stunning turn by Hope Country in its inaugural edition, the Pony Rug video series welcomes singer-songwriter M. French to its studio. In the wood-paneled confines of the studio, French plays an intimate, despondent version of his single “Stories,” pining into the mic while his gaze avoids the camera.

French normally plays with a full band, but seeing him in isolation allows the listener to get lost in his verses. Even through the lens, he feels like he’s in the room with you, strumming out his folk tale as you listen quietly and cross-legged on the floor. French plays Rieder Homestead in Delano on June 17 with Sarah Morris.

Ian Alexy -- “Deserters”

There’s something odd and captivating about Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter Ian Alexy. His stomping blues rock is reminiscent of Dan Auerbach, but there’s a certain uneasiness to it. Something erratic and eerie, like a childhood memory of a carnival.

“Deserters” is Alexy’s latest jam, and the video uses a library of archival TV footage to drive home the message that Alexy is pulling influences from strange and obscure places. Creature features are intercut with James Bond scenes and surf competitions. “Deserters” comes from Alexy’s new album of the same name, which can be enjoyed June 8 at the Tavern of Northfield.

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