Artists' Quarter could be sold to the Dakota Jazz Club


Three months after the Artists' Quarter closed, the future of the downtown St. Paul jazz institution is coming into focus. Update: The Dakota Jazz Club has not yet bought the space, as Gimme Noise had previously reported.

"We haven't signed a lease," General Manager Martina Priadka says. "We've spoken to [former owner] Kenny Horst. He's supportive and the building is supportive, but we don't have any more details confirmed yet. I'm hoping to see some kind of movement on it soon."

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"It's really important that Kenny is comfortable with everything we do," she adds.

An initial report that stated a full kitchen would be planned for the space is incorrect, Priadka says. But some food in the space is possible. "My hope would be that we could sign the lease and put together a light food and drinks program," she says.

The Artists' Quarter closing was announced last October, and former owner Kenny Horst cited rising rents for the area. 

One huge change is that the space's name will definitely be different. "We have no idea on that one," Priadka adds, and dismisses rumors of names passed around so far. "It won't be the Artists' Quarter because Kenny wants to retire that name."

As Gimme Noise has more details on this change, we will update here.


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