Art Shanties sneak preview


This weekend, and perhaps even as we speak, the Art Shanties are being delivered and installed on Medicine Lake in Plymouth. Next weekend the friendly community on ice is open for visitors. Check out some of the slated shanties and events after the cut.

Now in its sixth year, the Art Shanty Projects began as a couple artists living on ice with occasional weekend ice fishermen. Over the years the shantytown has grown to include over 60 artists, scientists, performers, musicians, and more from Minnesota and around the country.

The Art Shanty community kicks off Saturday, January 17 with a big friendly ice party throughout the day featuring puppetry, music by Captain Yonder String Band, a "Norse Blessing," dance, and a theater performance by Soap Factory curator Andy Sturdevant.

Shanties slated this year include the Art Post Shanty, an actual Post Office where people can mail letters from, or send letters to the shanties. Bring your knitting project to the Knitting Shanty, your singing skills (and courage) for karaoke at the Norae Bang Shanty, your absurdist tendencies (and French language skills) to the The Quebecois Liberation Front Quickie Mart Shanty, or your map-making skills to the Radical Map Shanty.

Other shanties explore environmental, social, and political issues, like the Sweat & Drink Inc. Shanty, which uses sauna distillery technology to make Medicine Lake drinkable, and the Biology Shanty.

Most events occur on the weekend, with some stuff slated for weekdays. It is recommended that visitors park on the East Beach parking lot at Medicine Lake, where an Art Car Taxi awaits to take you to the center of the village. For a complete schedule of events, and for directions to the lake, check out their awesome site at