Art and noise music tonight at Shinders downtown

Art and noise music tonight at Shinders downtown

It's a given that a good art show needs a good space, and that the best art is often viewed in unexpected places. Just look at Banksy for proof--his work would be infinitely less engaging if it hung sanctioned in the Louvre than it does posted under cover of night on a public wall in London.

Which is why the ongoing art show, curated by Minnesota local art phenom Matt Bakkom, has such a buzz around it. The abandoned lot that once housed Shinders, the powerhouse of local magazine and comic shops, has been hosting an art show of local pros like Bakkom alongside lesser-knowns, like Cecilia Aldarondo and Morgan Adamson.

And tonight, the Tuesday Night Series for Improvisation, a regular noise and experimental music show that has been a fixture of South Minneapolis' Art Of This gallery, will be in effect at Shinders downtown as well.

On the music end, the show features numerous performers that were featured in City Pages' profile on local noise music, including Bryce Beverlin II's infamous Squid Fist. If you've never seen them, the sight and the sound is elusive and hard to put into words--part performance art, part noise soundscape, Beverlin II and his bandmates employ free jazz drumming, hand-built circuitry, and a mound of found trash into a performance style that plumbs the depths of the brain's subconscious desires.

Also on the bill is Soaking Rasps, which features Skoal Kodiak's Markus Lunkenheimer and his coffin of mixed effects. If Soaking Rasps can be compared to Skoal Kodiak (and if it can, it's only distantly), it could be said that Soaking Rasps is the logical extrapolation of the "noise" in Skoal Kodiak's suspension of "noise rock." Still danceable in parts, Soaking Rasps manages to be a much more strident sonic affair.

With an unusual space, great music, and fantastic art, tonight's Shinders show should be a good way to put your brain's more eccentric through a few laps on the velodrome.

All ages. 8:30 P.M. Shinders Downtown, 733 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis.

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