Art-A-Whirl: The Slow Mirror and the Metronome

Some of the heads behind the project
Some of the heads behind the project
Photo: Ted Salzman

Art-A-Whirl quickly approaches, our cities' creatives plotting their innumerable takeovers of Nordeast, that part of Minneapolis where successful artists from Uptown seem to move. For our part, we would like to direct you to two can't-miss shows on Friday and Saturday by the talented people at named Joseph Belk, Drew Peterson, Ted Quinn, and Adam Burchard, presented by Creative Electric Studios and The Sample Room. "The Slow Mirror and the Metronome" is a riverfront exhibition taking place behind The Sample Room that seeks to use Big Brown (née Mississippi) as a connective and divisive exhibition space, video projections lighting up her belly, riverbanks of well-wishers and confused onlookers, bands spread across boats and the river itself.

The music lineup is something to shake a stick at, with STNNNG, Zak Sally, Marijuana Death Squad, Bella Koshka, and Mayda all taking a different tack for their performances, coo and caterwaul in equal turns. Once you tire of viewing terrible and transcendent art: a palate cleanser, or palate recombinator.

From Creative Electric's press release, descriptions and set times:


Zak Sally playing from 8:00-8:45 - a special solo performance, on the river

STNNNG playing from 8:45-9:30 - a multiple boat set

Bella Koshka playing from 9:45-10:30 - playing the "rivers edge" Sample Room Stage, a moonlight performance


Sound installation playing throughout, before, and during intermissions by Ben Carey (NYC612)

Marijuana Death Squad with special guests starting at 8:00pm - A curated 1.5hr long set. Playing on different riverbanks, boats, and on shore

Mayda at 9:45-10:30 - Playing with a full band. Along the rivers edge stage at The Sample Room

Also advisable to keep your ear to the ground for Burlesque's after party...those guys like and know how to do it right.

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