Art-A-Whirl music: Anchor Fish & Chips and Grumpy's NE lineups

The sheer amount of outdoor music (and art, naturally) during Art-A-Whirl weekend in Minneapolis is already quite staggering. With 331 Club, 612Brew, Indeed Brewing Co. already announced, more stellar lineups from the Anchor Fish & Chips and Grumpy's NE are crowding the schedules.

The Anchor has a free, two-day outdoor festival planned for Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18, featuring performances from 13 bands throughout the festive weekend, highlighted by headlining sets from Marijuana Deathsquads on Saturday, and Romantica on Sunday. In addition to the music, the Anchor will also have their sumptuous food truck on site to keep everyone satiated throughout the event.

The full line-up and set times for the Anchor Fish & Chips music festival during Art-A-Whirl is as follows:

Saturday, May 17:

2 p.m. - Hiawatha

3 p.m. - Southside Desire

4 p.m. - Tyte Jeff

5 p.m. - Shiro Dame

6 p.m. - Brass Kings

7 p.m. - Cactus Blossoms

8 p.m. - Marijuana Deathsquads

Sunday, May 18

2 p.m. - Kiss or Kill

3 p.m. - Tea & Sympathy

4 p.m. - Black Audience

5 p.m. - Magic Castles

6 p.m. - Valet

7 p.m. - Romantica

Grumpy's NE Hoot & Holler Art-A-Whirl Party is a one day affair on Saturday, May 17. Beginning at 1 p.m., a litany of local bands will play throughout the day, leading up to a headlining set by the Blind Shake. Grumpy's NE Hoot & Holler Art-A-Whirl Party will also feature sets from Eleganza, Appetite for Zaccardi, Romantica, Dumpster Juice, United Teachers of Music, Hollow Boys, the reformed Crossing Guards, and From the Midwest. The event is free until 3 p.m., with a $5 entry fee to get into the backyard thereafter (with all proceeds going directly to the bands).

Full bar selection will be available inside Grumpy's, with PBR, Surly, and 2 Gingers on offer at their patio bar throughout the day. Be sure to check out the event's Facebook page to RSVP and get updated information on the festivites.

The lineup and set times for Grumpy's NE Hoot & Holler Party are as follows:

1 p.m. - From The Midwest
2 p.m. - Crossing Guards
3 p.m. - Hollow Boys
4 p.m. - United Teachers of Music
5 p.m. - Dumpster Juice
6 p.m. - Romantica
7 p.m. - Appetite For Zaccardi
8 p.m. - Eleganza
9 p.m. - Blind Shake 

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