Ariana Grande Struck Pop Star Poses Back in Fifth Grade [PHOTO]

Ariana Grande, in all of her present-day greatness.

Ariana Grande, in all of her present-day greatness.

R&B singer Ariana Grande's rise to pop stardom has been deceptively quick. The miniature lady with the highest ponytail in pop since Madonna's Blond Ambition tour has the hits ("Problem," "The Way"), some since-resolved diva beef with Bette Midler, and the poise of someone who's been in the spotlight for more than just a couple of years.

When we're not wondering if the bite-sized babe from Boca Raton actually swallowed Mariah Carey or if she's actually a terrifying, dangerous being, we wonder if she always had the capacity to shine. It turns out that public records can show us a great deal in this respect.

Next week, Grande will headline the 101.3 KDWB Jingle Ball at the Xcel, but she was once a fifth grader too. Courtesy of one of her former classmates, we have a yearbook photo from her days studying North Broward Preparatory School in Florida. What we found might surprise you.

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Here she is, in the middle on the left. Already tilting her head just right.


Ariana Grande. At 101.3 KDWB's Jingle Ball 2014 on December 8 at Xcel Energy Center. Tickets. She returns to the Xcel on her headlining tour on March 1, 2015. Tickets.


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