Are You Ready for the Country hoedown tonight at the Turf


Devout fans of Are You Ready for the Country (1) will notice that I'm posting my weekly column a day early (2). The reason for the twenty-four hours difference is an important one: I would like to invite y'all down to the Turf Club this evening for More Cowbell's "Are You Ready for the Country" hoedown (3). Head below what they around these parts refer to as "the jump" for more information, and for these subtitles I've included herein (though if you'd rather skip than jump, go right ahead, free country as it is and whatnot).

Tonight we're teaming up with More Cowboy, 'scuse me I've had a bit to drink and obviously have something else on my mind and so what I really meant to say is More Cowbell for a special night of country music or various incarnations related to it, like Americana and such. We even have a comedian! And I'll be spinning your favorite (4) country hits and rarities.

Are You Ready for the Country & More Cowbell Presents:

Red Daughters, Bedroom Magic, Prairie Sons and Lasco Stroud (5), Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue W, St. Paul, March 3, 9:00, $5. Bands will play in some such order likely not indicated by the order provided here.

As mentioned, I'll be playing country records between bands and my favorite urban hillbilly, John Schreiner, will be doing comedy (6) between bands.

Come on down! You won't regret it. (7)

(1) A tumbleweed rolls by
(2) That'd be Wednesday not Thursday, for those of you paying attention
(3) Sans square dancing, unless of course you know how to
(4) Likely not
(5) From Madison, WI, and they aren't really country at all but hell who's countin'
(6) Yes comedy. You heard of Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy? You know, comedy!
(7) Yeah fuck you. It's Wednesday night and you've got nothin' to lose.