Are Mikal Cronin and Mike Krol actually the same guy?


Mikal Cronin, left, and Mike Krol — are they the same dude?

Mikal Cronin and Mike Krol are suspicious.

The similarly named Merge labelmates are both in town on September 10 playing gigs — one at the 7th St. Entry and one at the Turf Club — so it bears investigating whether or not it's coincidence at work. Could Mikal Cronin — post-disco savant offspring of the Ty Segall band — and Mike Krol — of Sleeping in the Aviary, the erstwhile Neutral Milk Hotel of the Midwest — actually be the same guy?

Funny thing about Cronin and Krol, you never see them in the same place at the same time. In an effort to solve the conundrum, City Pages sent Cronin/Krol a survey of personal questions in hopes of revealing the truth. Below are their/his unedited answers.

Name: Mikal Cronin

Twitter handle: @MikalCronin

Upcoming: Minneapolis gig: September 10, Turf Club, 8 p.m.

Most recent release: MCIII, May 4, 2015, Merge Records

Hometown: Laguna Beach, California. 

Eye color: Grey/blue/green/brown (they change).

Distinguishing features: Dumb face.

Dietary restrictions: Vegetarian with vegan tendencies, will enjoy sushi and shrimp sometimes.

Estimated average bowling score: 138.

What’s your dad like: Retired and does yoga with my mom.

Most listened-to album of 2015: Elton John, Elton John.

Favorite noodle dish: Ramen or pad see ew.

Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino?: Martie S.

Dinosaur you’re most afraid of: The one that spit at Newman in Jurassic Park

Cheesiest memory of childhood: Seeing an eighth grader at school with a full tube of pringles when I was in second grade and thinking he was a god of an adult that could do whatever he wanted.

A hot dog is a sandwich, yes/no: Nah.

Thoughts on Carly Rae Jepsen: Full support (I only know that “Call Me Maybe” song).

Least entertaining Olympic sport: Shot put?

Should dogs be allowed on airplanes unrestrained?: Absolutely. I vote for full on Noah's Ark-style air travel.

Best theoretical explanation for the zombie outbreak depicted in The Walking Dead (TV series, not comic book): Haven't watched it but maybe poison hot dogs.

Worst question in this list: Most listened-to album of 2015.

Are you secretly Mike Krol?: Shhhhh.

Name: Mike Krol

Twitter handle: @mikefredkrol

Upcoming Minneapolis gig: September 10, 7th St. Entry, 8 p.m.

Most recent release: Turkey, August 28, 2015, Merge Records.

Hometown: Los Angeles via Milwaukee.

Eye color: Brown.

Distinguishing features: Really bad posture.

Dietary restrictions: I try to stay away from food that is rich in dairy.

Estimated average bowling score: 100.

What’s your dad like: He's very dad-like. Has a mustache, loves to play golf and go out for ice cream cones, owns all the Chevy Chase National Lampoon Vacation movies on DVD, and exclusively listens to the Moody Blues and Van Morrison. But most importantly, he is loving, supportive, and always there for me if I need help or advice. He's the best.

Most listened-to album of 2015: Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Not a joke. I bought this on CD for $2 at Amoeba, and it didn't leave my car stereo for 3 months. Mostly because I moved out of my apartment and my CD collection was stuck in storage, but also because I thought it was funny to listen to this album on a constant loop.

Favorite noodle dish: All things Italian and pad see ew

Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino?: I can't say I really care for either of them, but Scorsese is supposed to do a Ramones biopic, so I'll go with him. Although, I'm sure I will hate it.

Dinosaur you’re most afraid of: Well, I was going to say Dilophosaurus — the dinosaur in Jurassic Park that spits acid into Wayne Knight's face — but when I Googled it just now, I discovered that they made the spitting part up! BLASPHEMY!!!

Cheesiest memory of childhood: I grew up in Wisconsin, so all my childhood memories are cheesy ... get it? I don't know, this one is tough. I played little league baseball for a season when I was a kid, but I was absolutely terrified of being at bat and having a baseball thrown towards me. My mom made a deal with me that she would pay me $1 every time I swung the bat. Literally, just swing the bat. I didn't even have to make contact with the ball to get paid, I just had to make the effort. It didn't work though. I didn't trust strange kids to have the ability to throw a fast, hard baseball a safe distance from my face. I finished that season with about $3 in my pocket and vowed to never play that sport again.

A hot dog is a sandwich, yes/no: No.

Thoughts on Carly Rae Jepsen: I had to Google who that was, so I can't say I have much thoughts on her at the moment.

Least entertaining Olympic sport: Man, all of them. I can't stand the Olympics and all the fake enthusiasm people get about sports they didn't know existed.

Should dogs be allowed on airplanes unrestrained?: If they are allowed to walk up and down the aisles so I can pet and snuggle all of them, then 100 percent YES.

Best theoretical explanation for the zombie outbreak depicted in The Walking Dead (TV series, not comic book): I've never seen a single episode of this show.

Worst question in this list: The one about the Walking Dead TV show.

Are you secretly Mikal Cronin?: No. I can't play 99 percent of the instruments that guy plays.

So there you have it. Can eerily similar Thai food preferences, culturally ingrained fears from prehistory, and a shared ignorance of AMC's highest-rated show be enough to prove that Mikal Cronin and Mike Krol are actually a singular, bilocating entity known as Mikekrol Cronin? Or could the fact that they confessedly had separate childhoods, play distinctly different music, and have few shared physical characteristics be enough to prove that, hey, it's just kind of a goofy coincidence?

The results of this survey are inconclusive.

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