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    Ain't I an MC? - Ruff Ryder Eve strikes a blow for hip-hop sisters; Sol merely comes to blows with them

    Hip hop has flaunted its ravenous need for immediate and universal attention since LL first cheered b-boys for wielding boomboxes at hapless straphangers. But joining public life was always on the culture's agenda, from the moment the first graffit...

    by Keith Harris on October 13, 1999
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    Valley B-Boys - L.A.'s Styles of Beyond make the suburbs safe for hip hop

    Onetime Public Enemy producer Bill Stephney recently remarked to a panel at the CMJ Music Marathon that hip hop's national underground desperately needs a corresponding live circuit--"like Ian MacKaye and Minor Threat," he said to the nodding crowd...

    by Peter S. Scholtes on October 13, 1999
  • John Prine: In Spite of Ourselves


    John Prine: In Spite of Ourselves

    John Prine In Spite of Ourselves Oh Boy YOU MIGHT EXPECT John Prine's recent tussle with neck cancer to have stimulated vexing intimations of mortality, but the roots singer is too smart to start capitalizing the "L" in life just because of a...

    by Keith Harris on October 13, 1999
  • Folk Implosion: One Part Lullaby


    Folk Implosion: One Part Lullaby

    Folk Implosion One Part Lullaby Interscope FOLK IMPLOSION'S HEAD-scratching "Natural One" was the best thing in Larry Clark's leering film Kids, and the soundtrack single left more than a few Lou Barlow fans wondering why Sebadoh's knob-twidd...

    by Scott Henkemeyer on October 13, 1999
  • Dixie Chicks: Fly


    Dixie Chicks: Fly

    Dixie Chicks Fly Monument/Sony IF THE EARLY-PERIOD Bonnie Raitt cover closing the Dixie Chicks' 1998 breakthrough, Wide Open Spaces, wasn't enough of a clue, new lead singer Natalie Maines cites James Taylor and the Indigo Girls in the liner ...

    by Chris Herrington on October 13, 1999
  • Macha: See It Another Way


    Macha: See It Another Way

    Macha See It Another Way Jetset WESTERN ROCK'S PENCHANT for cultural assimilation has been a mixed blessing at best, and not just for those who feel plundered. From the dubious raga-rock explosion of the Sixties to Korn's squeaky bagpipe hist...

    by Rod Smith on October 13, 1999
  • Gay Dad: Leisure Noise


    Gay Dad: Leisure Noise

    Gay Dad Leisure Noise London/Sire "CLIFF JONES PERFORMS self-fellatio!" and "The band is manufactured!" squawk British rock rags about latest hot things Gay Dad. The London five-piece strenuously claims to be not at all manufactured, but it's...

    by Scott Henkemeyer on October 13, 1999
  • Quasi and Wheat


    Quasi and Wheat

    Quasi Field Studies Up Wheat Hope and Adams Sugar Free POP GROUPS HAVE set sour lyrics to sweet melodies ever since John Lennon started airing his dirty laundry three decades ago, but few sustain a lemon-lime tone as consistently engagi...

    by Cecile Cloutier on October 13, 1999
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    Sound Check

    Happy Tenth, Cedar HAVING BOOKED EVERYTHING from Celtic rock bands to Tuvan throat singers, the Cedar Cultural Centre feels as much like a Midwestern outpost of the United Nations as a music venue. The revered music hall on the West Bank celebrat...

    by City Pages Staff on October 6, 1999
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    Mood Indigo - Troubled jazz trumpeter Tom Harrell finds calm between the chords

    In the late Sixties, Tom Harrell nearly slipped into the shadows. The brilliant trumpet player had been jamming with professional jazz musicians in the Bay Area since age 13, weaned on his father's jazz records in Los Altos, California. But while a...

    by David Schimke on October 6, 1999
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    Wu Weary - New albums by the Genius, Inspecta Deck, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and U-God fail to Wu the Clan's public

    Thousands of hip-hop brows are furrowed in scrutiny: Where did Wu-Tang go wrong? Even the most faithful Clan disciples now speculate that another great rap empire is losing its creative foothold. Last year's Wu-Tang Clan double album declared them ...

    by Neil Drumming on October 6, 1999
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    Boys to Men

    THERE ARE A zillion reasons why "smart" music fans dismiss the Backstreet Boys as dopey, irrelevant, or just plain creepy. Their quasi-pimpy attire and facial hair certainly don't help. Then there's the wind constantly blowing through the group's v...

    by Kate Sullivan on October 6, 1999
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    Bad Chemistry - The Chemical Brothers give creative electronica a beat-down

    [Editor's note: A correction ran concerning this story; see end of article.] You've heard the Chemical Brothers' new album before, even if its handlers at Astralwerks would have you think it reeks of newness. Whatever else Surrender may be, the al...

    by D. Strauss on September 29, 1999
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    Lab Culture

    WITH ITS TECTONICALLY shifting antigroove and techno-fried synth-horn chatter, the lead track of Stereolab's eighth full-length album opens kicking and spitting. It's as if this international ensemble decided to abandon the luxuriant avant-funk of ...

    by Jon Dolan on September 29, 1999
  • Fine Line - For 30 years Milo Fine has been improvising music--and revising himself


    Fine Line - For 30 years Milo Fine has been improvising music--and revising himself

    Milo Fine doesn't know when to shut up. "It doesn't take much to get me going," admits the compulsively self-aware, avant-garde musician and self-confessed "cheap interview." Just as the cure for the abuse of free speech is more free speech, the ki...

    by Keith Harris on September 29, 1999
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    Angst for the Memories - On Richard Thompson's new semiautobiographical album, there's no place to hate like home

    For his latest album Mock Tudor (Capitol), English troubadour, folk-rock pioneer, and reluctant guitar hero Richard Thompson went on an expedition into the dark heart of suburbia. There's ambiguity in the title, as in much of Thompson's work over t...

    by Rick Mason on September 22, 1999
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    In the Mouth of Madness

    THERE ARE THOSE albums that are direct reflections of insanity and those that merely couldn't exist without it. It's the difference between sociology and art, though only a fool would attempt to break the two apart at the ribs. By the time Alexande...

    by D. Strauss on September 22, 1999
  • Swing Shift - Is swing swung? Has jungle been tamed?


    Swing Shift - Is swing swung? Has jungle been tamed?

    Fine Line Music Cafe, Tuesday, August 24, 10:25 p.m. WITH ALL DUE respect to swingdom, I expected Vic Volare's CD-release party and final Fine Line house gig to be Deadsville, baby. But by the time I arrive, the downtown Minneapolis MOR joint is...

    by Britt Lindsay on September 22, 1999
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    Sweet Surrender

    ONCE AN OUTSPOKEN leader of Brazil's counterculture and a spokesman for its black consciousness movement, Gilberto Gil now finds himself kicking back in Rio, contemplating the millennium with a surprising optimism. And why shouldn't he? Three decad...

    by Christina Schmitt on September 15, 1999
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    A New Lease on House - British sensations Basement Jaxx bring the mojo back to disco

    Kids and their music these days--so restless, so unable to sit still. Take that stodgiest of electronic dance styles, house. Used to be that if a house producer established a little riff on record, the lick would stay in place for up to seven minut...

    by Michaelangelo Matos on September 15, 1999
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