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  • Pixies: Death to the Pixies


    Pixies: Death to the Pixies

    Pixies Death to the Pixies Elektra I WASN'T THERE. When the Pixies released Come On Pilgrim I was a teenager, speeding through the Cuyahoga river valley blasting Deep Purple, scouting out the best place to shoot off bottle rockets. I didn't b...

    by City Pages Staff on November 12, 1997
  • Article

    Probable Cause: They On Somethin'

    Probable Cause They On Somethin' Double Up Entertainment UPTOWN IS NOT just a high-rent neighborhood full of white, middle-class yuppies-in-training consumed with an elongated adolescence. It is also full of hip-hop kids, who live to roll wi...

    by James Cook on November 12, 1997
  • Sonic Youth: Slaapkamers Met Slagroom EP


    Sonic Youth: Slaapkamers Met Slagroom EP

    Sonic Youth Slaapkamers Met Slagroom EP Smells Like WITH ITS DUTCH nomenclature and austere aqua-on-white packaging, the new Sonic Youth EP has the look of a record you might stumble upon during a trip through Central Europe. "Look what I bou...

    by Jon Dolan on November 12, 1997
  • John Coltrane: The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings


    John Coltrane: The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings

    John Coltrane The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings Impulse! THE MUSIC OF saxophonist John Coltrane exists in the odd position of having its legacy neglected by the same powerful cultural authorities who feel required to pay it lip se...

    by D. Strauss on November 5, 1997
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    Master P: Ghetto D

    Master P Ghetto D No Limit Records NEW ORLEANS IS pretty safe in the daytime, and when I lived there a few years ago I'd walk around the neighborhoods and talk to people like the folks in the projects on Calliope where Master P grew up. One d...

    by Peter S. Scholtes on November 5, 1997
  • Bergsville Stories


    Bergsville Stories

    the cast of the play Bergsville Stories Bergsville Stories Sony International IN 1939 A South African singing group called Soloman Linda's Original Evening Birds hit huge with Africa's first 100,000-selling record, "Mbube," or "The Lion." The...

    by Jon Dolan on November 5, 1997
  • Dusty Springfield / Portishead


    Dusty Springfield / Portishead

    Dusty Springfield The Dusty Springfield Anthology Mercury Records Portishead Portishead Go! Beat/ London IT SEEMS THAT these days everybody's got a stalker. Nonchalantly revealing one's stalkee status is now a socially acceptable way to ...

    by Laura Sinagra on November 5, 1997
  • Soul Power - Taking Care of Business: Anita Ashford minds the counter at Soul Survivor.


    Soul Power - Taking Care of Business: Anita Ashford minds the counter at Soul Survivor.

    ANITA ASHFORD IS a professional. For years she's owned and operated the only music store on West Broadway that caters to the African American community. Since moving to Minneapolis from East St. Louis five years ago--against the advice of friends w...

    by Christina Schmitt on November 5, 1997
  • Walt Mink 1989-1997


    Walt Mink 1989-1997

    IT WAS HARDLY a shot heard 'round the indie-rock world, but when news was handed down last month that the stalwart geekadelic trio Walt Mink had finally called it quits, friends and fans in the Twin Cities could be heard swapping fond remembrances ...

    by James Diers on November 5, 1997
  • Sukpatch: Honky-Tonk Operation


    Sukpatch: Honky-Tonk Operation

    Sukpatch Honky-Tonk Operation Slabco WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT it: Indie-pop electronica as background for beer commercials? When Land of the Loops' song "Multi Family Garage Sale" showed up in Miller ads, it didn't signal the end of hipster snobb...

    by Christina Schmitt on October 29, 1997
  • Deformo: The Queen Bazaar


    Deformo: The Queen Bazaar

    Deformo The Queen Bazaar Gourmandizer DEFORMO ARE ARTSY-FARTSY enough to stink up an airplane hangar. Their wigged-out singer yelps and croons like a caffeinated Ned Flanders; their catchiest song is an anti-Anglophile anthem (complete with F...

    by Jon Dolan on October 29, 1997
  • Lifter Puller / Rank Strangers


    Lifter Puller / Rank Strangers

    Lifter Puller Half Dead and Dynamite No Alternative Rank Strangers Target Veto CRAIG FINN OF Lifter Puller and Mike Wisti of the Rank Strangers have a lot in common. The bands have released new albums recorded in their basements, both g...

    by Simon Peter Groebner on October 29, 1997
  • Article

    The Autumn Leaves: Treats and Treasures

    The Autumn Leaves Treats and Treasures Grimsey SOMETIME AROUND 1965 or 1966, there was an idyllic slice of American garage-band history typified by kids who'd just discovered hallucinogens but still had short hair. If that era ever existed, D...

    by Simon Peter Groebner on October 29, 1997
  • Ousia: Why Is That a Four?


    Ousia: Why Is That a Four?

    Ousia Why Is That a Four? UltraModern "VASSEL MYLER" AND "Architects of Fear," from Ousia's near-impenetrable debut, take wicked drum'n'bass rhythms and bury them deep in walls of distortion and oceans of ambient opacity. Electronic music's f...

    by Jon Dolan on October 29, 1997
  • Fat Boy Slim: Better Living Through Chemistry


    Fat Boy Slim: Better Living Through Chemistry

    Fat Boy Slim Better Living Through Chemistry Skint/Astralworks AS ELECTRONIC-HUH? MOVES further away from the dance floor and deeper into the experimental sound lab, a concerted masses-are-asses mentality is fomenting among the same types wh...

    by Jon Dolan on October 22, 1997
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    Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy

    Aphex Twin Come To Daddy Sire AFTER LISTENING TO the eight episodes of pure sonic psychosis that make up Come to Daddy, it's hard to believe that Cornish bedroom composer Richard D. James (a.k.a. Aphex Twin) was once known as a composer of am...

    by Josh Kun on October 22, 1997
  • Spring Heel Jack: Busy Curious Thirsty


    Spring Heel Jack: Busy Curious Thirsty

    Spring Heel Jack Busy Curious Thirsty Island/Trade 2 GROOVIN' ON THE new Spring Heel Jack record is like trying to do the funky chicken at the firebombing of Dresden. On Busy Curious Thirsty the U.K. drum'n'bass duo shred like the funkiest no...

    by Jon Dolan on October 22, 1997
  • Article

    Apollo Four Forty: Electro Glide In Blue

    Apollo Four Forty Electro Glide In Blue Stealth Sonic/Epic APOLLO FOUR FORTY crafts a drum'n'bass that's unambitious, and all the better for it. Their new LP Electro Glide in Blue is filled with stock samples and busy breakbeats, and they see...

    by Francis Hwang on October 22, 1997
  • Two MTV Mixers


    Two MTV Mixers

    various artists MTV's Amp Astralworks/Caroline various artists MTV's Grind: Volume One Tommy Boy IT IS A fundamental assumption held by aesthetic elitists and, well, Marxists, that records such as these are calculated rip-offs, hornswog...

    by Jon Dolan on October 22, 1997
  • Scott Walker: Tilt


    Scott Walker: Tilt

    Scott Walker Tilt Drag City IN 1929, SPANISH symbolist-poet Federico Garcia Lorca wrote, "Look at the concrete shapes in search of their void/Lost dogs and half-eaten apples/Look at this half-eaten fossil world, with its anxiety and anguish/a...

    by Laura Sinagra on October 15, 1997
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