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    Stars and Stripes Forever

    FRANK SINATRA ATTACKED it. Roseanne Barr defiled it. Whitney Houston lip-synched it. Jimi Hendrix reinterpreted it. Basketball star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf found himself traded because he abstained from singing it. Robert Goulet forgot the words and faked...

    by Peter S. Scholtes on July 4, 2001
  • Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman: Nankuru Naisa


    Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman: Nankuru Naisa

    Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman Nankuru Naisa Riverboat/World Music Network JIN JIN/FIREFLY, last year's collaboration between idiosyncratic Japanese folkie Takashi Hirayasu and Hawaiian steel-guitar master Bob Brozman, was that rarest o...

    by Michaelangelo Matos on July 4, 2001
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    Ted Leo/Pharmacists: The Tyranny of Distance

    Ted Leo/Pharmacists The Tyranny of Distance Lookout Records ROCK 'N' ROLL'S all-too-passive voice jumped an octave last year when two New Jersey boys penned songs that rallied against police brutality. One was Bruce Springsteen, whose "...

    by Chris Ryan on July 4, 2001
  • DJ Christian Smith: Tronic Treatment: A DJ Mix


    DJ Christian Smith: Tronic Treatment: A DJ Mix

    DJ Christian Smith Tronic Treatment: A DJ Mix Moonshine FOR YEARS, ELECTRONICA producer Christian Smith hid behind more flashy DJs--you know, those desperate hams who spin only the most popular tunes so that the audience can concentrate...

    by Jen Boyles on July 4, 2001
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    Taster's Choice

    APPETIZER SAMPLERS ALWAYS serve as a lesson for first-timers: You take note about what to order next time, and you hide the rest in your napkin. The same goes for the local music compilations that have been taking up residence in my mailbox lately....

    by Melissa Maerz on July 4, 2001
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    Model Behavior - Clem Snide dolls up roots rock with the Ghost of Fashion

    I don't know much about shoes, but I know what I can't afford. And I can tell that the more uncomfortable they look, the more expensive said footwear is likely to be. A good number of the feet at a recent Clem Snide show were encased in pointy toes...

    by Keith Harris on June 27, 2001
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    Bad, Bad Boys, You Make Me Feel So Good

    Girl, choose your poison. There are the sweet math-rock dorks who want to calculate their chances of a date with you. There are the indie-rock arcade geeks who'd probably let you kick their butts at Street Fighter 2, just because they care. There a...

    by Melissa Maerz on June 27, 2001
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    Bigger than Jesus - Post-apocalyptic folkie Stuart Davis gets spiritualized

    If anyone in the Midwestern world has an actual shot at achieving nirvana, it's Stuart Davis. Having created his own brand of "post-apocalyptic folk," the Minneapolis resident and velvet-voiced crooner approaches such subjects as monasticism and me...

    by Adam Hall on June 27, 2001
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    This Is the End - As Foetus, Jim Thirwell creates eclectic music for the danse macabre

    "Each time I do an LP, I get closer to dying... And probably there will be a point where I make an ultimate statement like that artistically, just finish mixing it, and the next day--die." -Jim Thirwell in Tape Delay, 1987 When I was but a ...

    by Peter S. Scholtes on June 20, 2001
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    Cult of Personality - A fond look back at Blue yster Cult's hits and misses

    I don't have wild memories about Blue yster Cult. I didn't see them play all decked out in mirror shades and leather pants, shooting lasers at the sweaty crowd. I haven't gotten wasted on Boone's Farm and come home with a tattoo of the hooked Kron...

    by Cecile Cloutier on June 20, 2001
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    The Unessential Hits

    THIS. THIS IS. This is the beginning. The beginning. This is. The. The beginning. This. This is... What is this? Behold: minimalist techno text! Can I have a round of applause? (Cue silence from the readership.) Not impressed? How, you wonder, c...

    by Melissa Maerz on June 20, 2001
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    Musical Memento - Reading Radiohead's abstract Amnesiac backwards and forwards

    Which meant that the taste from not talking had been there long enough to feel kinda sweet. And I'd gotten used to the peeling paint being the only sound I heard; it sounded natural, like cicadas. By this point the TV wasn't really audible, despite...

    by Jon Dolan on June 13, 2001
  • Hoop Dreams - Are Young & Da Restless the next local rap sure shots?


    Hoop Dreams - Are Young & Da Restless the next local rap sure shots?

    Local MCs, go ahead and be "real" in the sense of being true to yourself--but why be realistic? If everyone from Urb magazine to your friendly neighborhood promoter thinks Minnesota hip hop will never get the respect it deserves, why not dream of a...

    by Peter S. Scholtes on June 13, 2001
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    Religious Symbolism

    To swipe a sassy intro from Janet Jackson--that's Ms. Jackson, for those who are nasty--this is a story about control. Dig, if U will, the picture: Last week I received a frantic message from a representative of Xcel Energy Center, where the two...

    by Melissa Maerz on June 13, 2001
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    109-Piece McNuggets - The latest Nuggets box set dips into the psychedelic sauce of Sixties Britannia

    You know what I miss in my popular music? Glutinous basslines. No, not big basslines--those are everywhere, from the subwoofer tremors of club music to hip hop's gut-wrenching Jeep-rattle. I refer to something altogether less mannerly, something th...

    by Michaelangelo Matos on June 6, 2001
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    Beware of Dog

    In the Pretty in Pink movie of life, DIY music is Molly Ringwald. That is to say, DIY plays the role of the poor fashion innovator. People admire all her creations precisely because they are self-made and amateur; she spends her time at home or worki...

    by Melissa Maerz on June 6, 2001
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    Song Sung Blue - My Morning Jacket's At Dawn sounds like a country of sadness

    The day a copy of My Morning Jacket's second release, At Dawn (Darla), arrived in my mailbox, I discovered a nest of wee birdies a-twittering in the treetop outside my house. Awww! Yet after a week of traumatic times (and the truth is that I had a ...

    by Melissa Maerz on May 30, 2001
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    Rock Star Trek

    CAPTAIN KIRK HAD sex only twice within three seasons of Star Trek--which, by my count, is only once more than Leonard Nimoy. Yet he's still hailed as an outerspace mack daddy by millions of Voyager geeks like Cinerama frontman and ex-Wedding Present ...

    by Kate Silver on May 30, 2001
  • Air: 10,000 Hz Legend


    Air: 10,000 Hz Legend

    Air 10,000 Hz Legend Astralwerks REMEMBER YOUR HIGH SCHOOL French textbook, heavy with scenarios in which the long-haired, mellow teens were always going to la discothque? Remember the line drawings of the gangly French lads biking, sm...

    by John Dugan on May 30, 2001
  • Fantastic Plastic Machine: Beautiful.


    Fantastic Plastic Machine: Beautiful.

    Fantastic Plastic Machine Beautiful. Emperor Norton TOMOYUKI TANAKA, ALIAS Fantastic Plastic Machine, will stop at nothing to make a record. Or almost nothing. He hasn't killed any music moguls. Not yet, anyway. And he hasn't ever hijac...

    by Rod Smith on May 30, 2001
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