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    100's of girls. One ugly error.

    Now, grammar isn't exactly the first thing one thinks about when heading to a strip club. It's not like a person is going to debate the appropriateness of an oxford comma while getting a lap dance. But when an advertisement is this glaring, well...

    @ Gimme Noise by Bradley Campbell on June 19, 2008 @ 12:19 pm
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    RENT at the Ordway

    A couple months ago I gave into my wife's persistent demands to add RENT to our Netflix queue. But ten minutes in, even my wife (whose favorite movie is "The Sound of Music") was ready to turn it off. For some reason, musicals don't work as well ...

    @ Gimme Noise by Kevin Hoffman on June 19, 2008 @ 11:39 am
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    The Little Bookstore That Could

    On June 1, Amazon general manager Barb Wieser sent patrons a rather sad e-mail announcing that the 38-year-old institution would close permanently at the end of the month. But Ruta Skujins had other ideas. The Minneapolis resident announced that she ...

    @ Gimme Noise by Ben Palosaari on June 19, 2008 @ 4:12 am
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    Bill Frisell returns to his "oasis"

    "Minneapolis in general has been an oasis for me -- a really cool place," said Frisell from his Seattle-area home. "Way back in the 80s, the Walker was one of the first places in the states where I was able to play my own music. The Cedar, where I'm...

    @ Gimme Noise by Jeff Shaw on June 18, 2008 @ 5:33 am
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    Flyer of the Week: Nice and Neat

    This week's Flyer of the Week comes from Nice and Neat Records, who will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary this weekend at the Turf Club.

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on June 18, 2008 @ 1:08 am
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    Take that, grownups

    Eclipse Records announced that their Headlights show next Tuesday will be open to youngsters ages 20 and under only. The Champaign, Illinois indie-pop band will be playing a 21+ show later in the evening Tuesday at the Turf Club, and Eclipse wanted...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on June 17, 2008 @ 3:50 pm
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    Minnesota's testicles reactivated

    Meet Minnesota, the cute horsey pictured above. Part of a rare breed of Chinese-Mongolian horses known as a Przewalski's, Minnesota's wild ancestors were declared extinct in 1970. There are still some 1,500 Przewalski's in captivity, and efforts ar...

    @ Gimme Noise by Jonathan Kaminsky on June 17, 2008 @ 1:01 pm
  • Minnesota's Own Sonny and Cher - Pop is a yodeler, Mom was a stomper, and their garage is a Golden Valley Love Shack


    Minnesota's Own Sonny and Cher - Pop is a yodeler, Mom was a stomper, and their garage is a Golden Valley Love Shack

    THE LOVERS SHOW The Lovers Show Yodel Boy Productions You totally want to be Jared and Noni Mason. They are one of those rare couples who have somehow defied the descent into conformity, cubicles, and overall yuppie lameness that comes with mar...

    by Michael L. Walsh on February 13, 2008
  • What's $elling - The Top 10 Sellers This Week at Treehouse Records


    What's $elling - The Top 10 Sellers This Week at Treehouse Records

    1. Times New Viking, Rip It Off (Matador) 2. Cat Power, Jukebox (Matador) 3. Bonnie Prince Billy, Wilding in the West (Spunk/Drag City) 4. Skoal Kodiak, 3 People Are Keep Having Grape Emergency's (self-released) 5. Black Mountain, In the...

    on February 13, 2008
  • Critics Picks: Super Furry Animals and more


    Critics Picks: Super Furry Animals and more

    WEDNESDAY 2.13 Linkin Park Xcel Energy Center In the '90s, disaffected youth could turn to Nine Inch Nails for comfort, pasting their anxious, angry scowls into Trent Reznor's pop-industrial f-you hymns. Linkin Park are the present age's eq...

    on February 13, 2008
  • 5ingles - The Songs We Can't Escape


    5ingles - The Songs We Can't Escape

    KIMYA DAWSON AND ANTSY PANTS "Tree Hugger" Maybe it's the dorky dad in me, but I'm coming 'round to Dawson's so-cutesy-you-wanna-puke Children's Television Network-ish sing-alongs. My son isn't two yet, so he can't parrot stuff like "The turtle ...

    by Ray Cummings on February 13, 2008
  • Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces


    Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces

    MATT COSTA Unfamiliar Faces Brushfire Despite the name, the faces on this Huntington Beach-based singer-songwriter's sophomore disc aren't exactly unfamiliar: There's the Shins, there's Josh Rouse, and perhaps most of all, there's Jack Johnson,...

    by Mikael Wood on February 13, 2008
  • Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer


    Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer

    LEVON HELM Dirt Farmer Dirt Farmer/Vanguard The first solo studio album in a quarter-century by former Band stalwart Levon Helm is miraculous not because it won a Grammy just this week for Best Traditional Folk Album, or for its infectious take...

    by Rick Mason on February 13, 2008
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    MC/VL rock the basement

    Sunday night, they were doing hip-hop at a punk venue, and the punk rock bands that opened before them received them like princes. Hip-hop princes that is, men whose triple-striped Addidas pop with gold. The not too crazy part about the two headlini...

    @ Gimme Noise by Bradley Campbell on June 16, 2008 @ 3:24 pm
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    Doomtree CD release show announced

    Shortly before a gust of high-powered wind nearly swept E.L.nO. off the stage at the Red Stag Block Party last Saturday night, Doomtree MC Mike Mictlan announced that we should all clear our calendars for August 1, 2008, the night of their CD release...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on June 16, 2008 @ 12:05 pm
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    Witness to a demolition

    I went to my first building demolition Saturday morning, in the rail yard just behind the new Gophers stadium. It looked and sounded like this: A company called Veit laid the explosives and brought the building down (you might have seen t...

    @ Gimme Noise by Jeff Severns Guntzel on June 15, 2008 @ 9:29 pm
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    Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board: Pools and beaches to open this weekend

    Turn off your garden hose and get out of that icy bathtub. Pools and beaches near you are officially opening this week.Attention all chlorine and sand junkies: Many pools, water parks, wading pools, and beaches run by Minnesota Parks and Recreation...

    @ Gimme Noise by Jessica Armbruster on June 14, 2008 @ 4:21 pm
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    Breasts discovered in Eagan, photographed

    Shannon Sunderlin of Eagan (or "Eagon" as the press release I received today states) is featured in July's issue of Playboy Magazine, hitting stands today. Warning! A (mostly) safe for work pic resides after the jump.The article, titled "Cyber Gir...

    @ Gimme Noise by Jessica Armbruster on June 13, 2008 @ 3:23 pm
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    David Sedaris - Last of the literary rock stars?

    David Sedaris is a force. And by force I mean a quiet, semi-quivering voice that spread out to the land over the airwaves of NPR. It happened in1992, when he read his essay, "Santaland Diaries" on Morning Edition. He was an instant delight. Since t...

    @ Gimme Noise by Bradley Campbell on June 13, 2008 @ 3:06 pm
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    Unlikely icon: Fish DeSmith reviews David Allan Coe

    David Allan Coe Cabooze, June 12 By Fish DeSmith Though the Gogol Bordello parking lot show that preceded him didn't quite draw the Cabooze's regular crowd, David Allan Coe packed the floor inside with the biker bar's usual ne'er-do-wells, weaned on...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on June 13, 2008 @ 1:14 pm
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