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    Weekend Checklist for 1-23

    Triple Rock Social Club Private Dancer The Dynamiters Strut and Shock Les Deux Magots 9:00 P.M. 21+. $6.00. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.333.7499. 7th Street Entry The Evening Rig The Dirty Hits The Talkers The Suit...

    @ Gimme Noise by David Hansen on January 23, 2009 @ 6:35 am
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    Jan. 23, 2009: Ruby Isle, Big Cats!, The Killers, AC/DC & Ben Kweller

    Twin Cities News: -- Captains Dead profiles Gary Louris & Mark Olson. -- Pitchfork reviews Ruby Isle's Night Shot. -- Mill City Scene reviews Sleep Tapes by Big Cats! -- "Local musicians want Legacy Amendment money." -- How Was The Show recaps pe...

    @ Gimme Noise by Chris DeLine on January 23, 2009 @ 6:00 am
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    Robot Love hosts Matt and Kim listening party

    Head over to Robot Love on Lyndale Avenue in Uptown this evening for a listening party in honor of the new Matt and Kim album, Grand. The album is being released tonight in the charismatic Brooklyn duo's hometown, and the folks at Robot Love want...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on January 22, 2009 @ 2:23 pm
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    Joke Band festival at Turf Club gets awkward laughs

    Strange sounds in even stranger combinations, The Turf Club's first run at a Joke Band Festival was totally weird and still somewhat entertaining. Musician Sean McPherson of Heiruspecs recruited the evening's five-band lineup by intriguing folks to p...

    @ Gimme Noise by Amber Schadewald on January 22, 2009 @ 1:28 pm
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    Animal Collective tickets on sale tomorrow

    It may still be four months until Animal Collective graces the main room stage this coming May, but this presale date is anything but premature. With Merriweather Post Pavilion setting countless blogspaces afire and drawing predictable acclaim from i...

    @ Gimme Noise by David Hansen on January 22, 2009 @ 12:24 pm
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    Q & A: The World's Most Dangerous Polka Band

    Like the spoon and cherry and frozen heaps of snow, Ruth Adams and The World's Most Dangerous Polka Band are icons of the Twin Cities. Every Friday and Saturday since the '70s, Ruth and her band tear up the stage at Nye's Polonaise Room with their ef...

    @ Gimme Noise by Erin Roof on January 22, 2009 @ 9:00 am
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    Jan. 22, 2009: Gay Witch Abortion, Annuals, St. Paul Slim & 10,000 Lakes Festival

    Twin Cities News: -- "Together, they cultivate a sonic identity that summons what the hypothetical raping of The Black Keys by Big Black might sound like" -- MN Daily on Gay Witch Abortion's Maverick. MN Daily also interviews St. Paul Slim. -- In...

    @ Gimme Noise by Chris DeLine on January 22, 2009 @ 6:00 am
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    Gospel Gossip tonight at the 7th Street Entry

    An opening and a grand opening are two very different things. An opening is little more than the turning of a small placard hung in a shop window-- the impotent flick of a switch, and the humming glow of a neon sign to signal the undertaking of busin...

    @ Gimme Noise by David Hansen on January 22, 2009 @ 1:25 am
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    10KLF lineup announced

    The lineup for this summer's 10,000 Lakes Festival in Detroit Lakes, Minn., has been announced, with Wilco, Dave Matthews Band, and Widespread Panic topping the list of big-named acts slated to perform. Traditionally a jam band-heavy affair, this y...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on January 21, 2009 @ 2:25 pm
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    MP3 of the Week: Gospel Gossip

    This young local band garnered heaps of praise last year for their debut album, Sing Into My Mouth, and vied for the top spot in our 2008 Picked to Click best-new-band poll. The band is resurfacing in 2009 with a new album already in the works, and t...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on January 21, 2009 @ 11:52 am
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    Flyer of the Week: Go Negativ

    This week's flyer is for the Go Negativ zine launch party, a new independent zine with a "dark and/or cynical slant." Go Negativ will be celebrating its launch at the Turf Club this Saturday. Flyer design by Josh Iwaszko. Bands and designers: Su...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on January 21, 2009 @ 11:21 am
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    Live Aby Wolf mp3s, courtesy of new local podcast project

    In my article this week about local singer-songwriter Aby Wolf, I wrote briefly about seeing her perform at the Mad Ripple Hootenanny, a weekly gathering of songwriters curated by Jim Walsh. Each week, a handful of musicians are invited to come down ...

    @ Gimme Noise by Andrea Swensson on January 21, 2009 @ 10:19 am
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    The Killers Bring Vegas to the Northrop

    The Killers brought some Mojave Desert flavor to throngs of barely-thawed fans at the Northrop Auditorium Tuesday night. The group solidified its status as one of this millenniums most reliable mainstream acts, while demonstrating that their musical ...

    @ Gimme Noise by Will McClain on January 21, 2009 @ 9:25 am
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    Arj Barker at the Pantages

    Barker has a quirky, hipster appeal. He's older than he looks -- midway through his 30s -- but his youthful appearance and whimsical act, coupled with his penchant for pot jokes, make him seem like a particularly clever dorm room jokester. (Barker po...

    @ Gimme Noise by Bryan Miller on January 21, 2009 @ 9:00 am
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    The Popstream: KISS vs. StSanders

    Every so often, you might come across a YouTube phenomenon that doesn't (a) suck and/or (b) get really, really old after the second time you're exposed to it. StSanders' "shreds" series is one of those phenomena. If you've ever seen Woody Allen's Wha...

    @ Gimme Noise by Nate Patrin on January 21, 2009 @ 8:00 am
  • The Songs We Can't Escape


    The Songs We Can't Escape

    FALL OUT BOY feat. TRAVIS FROM GYM CLASS HEROES "Catch Me If You Can/Proclamation of Emaciation (demo)" More exceedingly winky corporate emo about being totally fucking famous--if not about what it's like to be riding Ashlee Simpson on the regula...

    by Ray Cummings on September 17, 2008
  • Jeremy Messersmith: The Silver City


    Jeremy Messersmith: The Silver City

    At the Franklin Avenue station the train doors part. A harp-accompanied falsetto voice and angelic choir welcome us to heavenly Suburbia, the first stop on our moon-dipped tour of The Silver City. Not coincidentally, this city lends its name to Jere...

    by Will McClain on September 17, 2008
  • Quirky locals Economy Team release debut album - Also, they've begun a search for the world's first gear-toting groupie


    Quirky locals Economy Team release debut album - Also, they've begun a search for the world's first gear-toting groupie

    Staring out from behind glass eyes and stale fur, mounted zebra and wildebeest heads hang eerily over the members of Economy Team as they pose uncomfortably in the creepy basement of a taxidermist. In what seems like the makings of a low-budget horr...

    by Amber Schadewald on September 17, 2008
  • Hey Mr. DJ - The monthly series Last of the Record Buyers brings producers out of their bedrooms and into the limelight


    Hey Mr. DJ - The monthly series Last of the Record Buyers brings producers out of their bedrooms and into the limelight

    In the middle of the stage, tangles of plugs and cords and wiring extend from a couple of separate power strips. These hook into mixers, switchboards, microphones, A/V jacks, and record players. Seemingly attached to the turntables are Kevin Beacham...

    by Max Ross on September 17, 2008
  • Neko Case and more


    Neko Case and more

    THURSDAY 9.18 Neko Case First Avenue Neko Case's voice hits you like a strong river--cool, cleansing, and fresh. It courses right through you, buoys you, and after having its way with you, leaves you somehow--temporarily--purer, and su...

    on September 17, 2008
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