Archers of Loaf! Dua Saleh! Sah-cah Mah-mee! It’s the week’s best new songs.

Dua Saleh, Soccer Mommy

Dua Saleh, Soccer Mommy Akama Paul, courtesy of the artist

There’s a lot of indie rock on this week’s playlist. Not saying that’s a good thing. Not saying that’s a bad thing. Just saying that’s a thing.

100 gecs feat. Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kero Kero Bonito “Ringtone (Remix)” 

Gec’d out yet, losers? Well, too bad—gec week’s just getting started over here. “Ringtone” is the sweetest and most straightforward of the duo’s pixelated tune-fractures, and now that it’s been augmented with three of today’s coolest femme voices you might almost play it for crushes you don’t want to scare off. Does this mean there are 103 gecs now?

Dua Saleh “mOth”

The local rapper/singer returns with another standalone single that shows off their voice’s ability to adapt to any electronic context that occurs, ranging from Auto-Tune flutter to unfiltered, artful slur. “I swear that I’m the man of the hour”? They’re not wrong. 

Jay Som “A Thousand Words”

Jay Som’s Anak Ko is barely a half-year old and already Melina Duterte is back with a pair of new tracks. The more notable of the two offers a forthright jangle, a modest yet undiminished voice, and a tricky little chord change just when you’re sure you know where it’s headed.

Archers of Loaf – “Raleigh Days”

With their prickly two-guitar jigsaw puzzle riffs and indignant groans, the Archers were never exactly undersung but they were hardly overhyped. Despite a like-they-never-left reunion tour in 2011, they haven’t released any new music since the ’90s until now. This nostalgic track sounds more like a career summary rather than a new chapter. But it also sounds like Archers of Loaf.

Soccer Mommy “Bloodstream”

Not gonna lie: That squeak of guitar strings is just the sort of planned mistake this fan of simulated spontaneity will never get enough of. Semi-related: It still makes me chuckle when I think of Bernie thanking “Sah-cah Mah-mee.” Go back and re-read this entire blurb in his voice.

Khalid feat. Disclosure – “Know Your Worth”

Disclosure’s back? The production duo has released two fine new dance tracks over the past month, but as a prelude they offered this collaboration with this fuzzy voiced pop star (of whom I am fond) for a self-esteem anthem that doesn’t overheat but percolates along briskly. Loads better than The Weeknd making like ’80s Rod Stewart, I’ll say that.


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