Arcade Fire, Kanye, OutKast top CP Twitter poll for band of the '00s

The last time everyone was talking about the end of the decade, Prince's "1999" was actually applicable. Relying on memory alone, it seems bizarre that the year 2000 was even in this decade: Programmers peed their pants over Y2K and Bill Clinton still had a desk in the Oval Office. In music land, a fresh-faced Christina Aguilera knew "What A Girl Wants" (along with male counterparts like N*SYNC) and Aaliyah was still alive. Fast forward to today -- while a major recession seems hell-bent on bumming us all out on the daily, music seems to be in a better spot. Of course, this is all relative, so we asked you on Twitter: What artist really sums up this period of time for you?

@ArtsOrbit: Artist whose sound epitomizes the 00s: Kanye. Damn it.

@steveanderson81: William Hung
@fivesixzero: LCD Soundsystem.

@bradkletzin: As much as I hate to say it, I vote Green Day.
@AdamBez: Silversun Pickups or Arcade Fire.

@emoeby: Arcade Fire
@irabrooker: OutKast, no question.

@heckadecimal: the 00's summed up in music? Michael Jackson. Fucking our youth with a plastic face; celebrated by many. Good riddance.   
@killer_weed: depends, is there a Solid Gold/Kanye mashup out there?

@jeffshaw: If I have to pick one I'd go with Outkast.

@TamiSwenson: ...I keep thinking Kings of Leon although they may too recent.

@dc1515: Doomtree

@natepatrin: The Neptunes.

@Adamburger18: Heiruspecs!!

@jgrovum: I've seen some convincing arguments for Animal Collective, esp. considering growth from 2004-now.

@GrahamOB: Spoon

@eriktmpls : I'd have to say Arcade Fire. There's both an underlying hopefulness to their music and an overt fear that it's all gone wrong.

@marnieGH: Arcade Fire is a nice choice. I'd add LCD Soundsystem.

@g_rote: Girl Talk. ironic, as it's pre '00's music mashed. but we live in an era of retweeted culture sans original content.

Top votes:

Arcade Fire - 3

Kanye West - 2

LCD Soundsystem - 2

OutKast - 2

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