April 10, 2009: Romantica & Heiruspecs

April 10, 2009: Romantica & Heiruspecs

Twin Cities News:
-- Nah Right has a collaboration between Brother Ali & Cas One.
-- Come Pick Me Up profiles Halloween, Alaska.
-- Culture Bully reviews Fucked Up's Triple Rock show.
-- The Argus Leader interviews Peter Leggett of Heiruspecs.
-- Sound Verite' has new music from former Black Blondie singer Sarah White.
-- North by Northwestern profiles Tapes 'n Tapes.
-- Brooklyn Vegan reviews Bob Mould's NYC show at Joe's Pub.
-- Perfect Porridge interviews Dan Israel.
-- TC Decider reviews Black Blondie and Nightinghales.
-- Metromix interviews Romantica.
-- Mind Inversion profiles Hunting Club.
-- How Was The Show has photos of Von Ida and Glasvegas at the Varsity.

Local Concert Highlights:
-- Halloween, Alaska, Chris Koza & Aby Wolf @ First Avenue
Hallowee, Alaska: (Official) (MySpace)
Chris Koza: (Official) (MySpace)
Aby Wolf: (MySpace)
-- Kill The Vultures, Mike Mictlan, Mel Gibson and the Pants & Mike the 2600 King @ Triple Rock Social Club
Kill The Vultures: (MySpace)
Mike Mictlan: (MySpace)
Mel Gibson and the Pants: (MySpace)
Mike the 2600 King: (MySpace)
-- Brian Setzer's 50th Birthday Bash feat. Stray Cats @ Fine Line Music Cafe
Stray Cats: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Winfred E. Eye "Lil Peck" (mp3)
-- Gladshot "Fabulous Friends" (mp3)
-- Gladshot "He Was Gone" (mp3)
-- Gladshot "All I Want Is You" (mp3)
-- Great Northern "Houses" (mp3)
-- Iglu & Hartly "DayGlo" (mp3)
-- Jon Hopkins "Wire" (mp3)
-- Loop 2.4.3. "Zodiac Dust" (mp3)
-- The Monolaters "I Must Be Dreaming" (mp3)
-- The Monolaters "Don't Dance" (mp3)
-- Reigns "Everything Beyond These Walls Has Been Razed" (mp3)
-- Reigns "Mab Crease" (mp3)
-- Reigns "The Black Cramp" (mp3)
-- Spain Colored Orange "Who Am I" (mp3)
-- Story of the Sea "Smoking" (mp3)
-- Yacht "Summer Song" (mp3)

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