Apocalyptic split personalities and a tribute to Christopher Reeve in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

You should get that looked at: a clip from Scrunchies' 'Eavesdropping.'

You should get that looked at: a clip from Scrunchies' 'Eavesdropping.' YouTube

Admit it, January is a magnificent month.

Sure it’s colder than your father-in-law’s glare, but it’s the month of restoration. A chance for renewal. The most reflective period on the calendar. This is when intentions are set and when ambitions are gathered. Capricorn season, baby. It’s my birthday month.

So here we go on another cycle. What will 2019 reap? Those seeds are sewn now. The next Picked to Click winner, the next major label signee, the festival fan favorite—they all start right here right now. If that seems dramatic, well, you’re just not in that January mood.

Scrunchies – “Eavesdropping”

DIY rock queens Scrunchies don’t need a SFX budget to make magic—guitarist/vocalist Laura Larson and the band directed and designed the video for “Eavesdropping” themselves. Like all self-started music visuals, there’s a good deal of blood and not a lot of explanation. See Scrunchies live this Friday at the Current’s Birthday Party in the Mainroom at First Ave.

The Sweet Colleens – “Christopher” (PREMIERE)

This weekend, Mendota Heights country-folk band the Sweet Colleens will release their fifth LP, 10 Mona Lisas. To head up their show at the Hook and Ladder this Saturday, they’re releasing a video for the album’s opening track, the tribute song “Christopher.” Using comic-book animations from Christopher Levin, the band expresses their admiration for onscreen Superman Christopher Reeve. Watching Reeve live his a full, rich life despite his paralysis inspired songwriter and Colleens singer Jeremy Greenhouse, who was coping with his own medical crisis at the time, to write the song.

Aloe Smith – “Filthy Toxin”

In the new video “Filthy Toxin,” the austerity of the apocalypse brings out the worst of Minneapolis pop singer Aloe Smith. Trapped in a steel bunker, she manifests into two toxic personalities. One is an over-indulgent socialite struggling to suppress her despair. The other is a Harley Quinn-style punk with a baseball bat. The two personalities do not mesh well, and as John Wheeler directs, the bunker turns into an intrapersonal warzone.

Ziplock – “American Psycho”

If you wanna look like a bona fide trap rapper, you need to call video director Nate P, and that’s just what CRAM rapper Ziplock did for his new single “American Psycho.” Clutching a shotgun and wearing a balaclava, Ziplock proves he's a veritable menace on the mic and off. Nate’s edits add a layer of impending disaster to the mix, and that’s exactly what you get when you’re foolish enough to fuck with Ziplock. “American Psycho” is off the new EP Scary Movies.

iLLism – “Bet”

“The biggest risk you can take is to bet on yourself.” The uber-driven rap duo iLLism open their new video for “Bet” with that platitude, challenging listeners to go all in on themselves, and that’s exactly the message people need to hear in this young year. iLLism members Envy and Fancy take to a salt flat with Gregory Marrufo and a Tesla. By removing everything from the scene but their success, they suggest that you can do the same if you remain focused. iLLism release their new record Illuminate on Friday with a gig at the Amsterdam.

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